An 18-year-old Ada woman charged with abusing her 3-month-old infant son was found competent to stand trial Friday in a Pontotoc County court and waived her right to a jury trial in the case.

Callie Jo Bishop was charged July 8 with eight counts of child abuse after Valley View Regional Hospital officials notified local police of the infant's numerous extensive injuries, according to court records. Bishop pleaded not guilty to the charges filed against her.

Police reports indicate the baby boy suffered from petechiae, a condition caused by smothering, a broken tibia, a broken femur, a broken pelvis, injured testicles, and previously broken ribs.

According to police reports, Bishop admitted to forcing the baby's face into a pillow four times in an effort to make him stop crying.

Bishop's mental competency was evaluated by Mental Health Services of Southern Oklahoma by judge's order. According to Oklahoma law, the accused has the right to be examined to determine, among other criteria, whether or not she is able to appreciate the nature of the charges against her and able to consult with a lawyer to rationally assist in the preparation of her defense.

A post-competency evaluation hearing was originally slated for late September but had been postponed until Dec. 9. Friday morning, Judge John D. Miller found Bishop competent to proceed with her trial and scheduled the preliminary hearing Jan. 12, 2006, at 2:15 p.m.

Miller also moved on a motion for bail reduction Bishop's defense attorney filed in late July. Since her arrest, Bishop has been incarcerated in the Pontotoc County jail on a $100,000 bond. Bishop's attorney explained to the court although he realizes the severity of her charges, she has no prior offenses, the infant is now safely under the guardianship of another, and she is not believed to be a flight risk because of her ties to the community. Friday, Miller granted Bishop bail reduction and set a new bond for $75,000.

If Bishop is found guilty of the abuse she could face a possible sentence of life in prison on each of the eight abuse counts against her.

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