Ada fashion designer Collin Quinn Low timed the launch of his summer apparel line to coincide with Monday’s “soft launch” of his new Main Street store in Ada.

Low opened the doors to his new store at 806 E. Main St., Suite A in Ada at 6 p.m. Monday, offering WOGO customers what he described as a cool atmosphere with an open concept — the perfect hangout spot.

“I want it to be a spot where people can come hang and be a part of building relationships and meeting people that have similar interests,” Low said. “I want it to be a hub for people who love fashion, art and music. We will be doing different events for things like that.” 

Low finalized the details for the new store June 30, taking the next big step in his journey to make WOGO a more widely recognized brand.

WOGO model and customer Camryn Hardage said she believes the store will become a great spot for college students to hang out between classes, trying new clothes and meeting new people.

Hardage became friends with Low in 2018 through her modeling. She has since become his second hand, helping with anything and everything he may need.

“Collin reached out to me to do some modeling,” Hardage said. “He had just moved back to Ada (in 2018) and needed to do a photo shoot for his brand, WOGO. We became really good friends instantly. I’ve been modeling for him since then, and I have also started to do some sewing for him.”

Low said he has had some exciting opportunities arise in the past year for WOGO. He said demand for his WOGO brand has increased, and he now draws customers from Oklahoma City and Dallas.

While brand expansion is definitely a part of Low’s strategy, expansion is not his only goal.

“I’m wanting to help Ada become more of a hub for fashion and art, because right now, usually, if people want to go somewhere for really cool, unique clothes, they go to Oklahoma City or Dallas,” Low said. “What’s cool about this is I have people that are driving from Oklahoma City and Dallas to come shop my WOGO stuff.”

WOGO has launched a new summer line of youth shirts, socks, graphic T-shirts and shorts with seven designs for boys and two designs for girls.

“One of the things I did is made a skirt that we were selling and made it completely from scratch,” Low said. “It’s a tie-dyed holographic-type skirt that’s really cool. We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on it.”

Low said a new line of versatile shorts that can be worn as lounge shorts or swim shorts is one of his favorites.

“This is something I wanted to add to our line because I love the versatility of it,” Low said.

Amid the store opening, Low has been busy working on WOGO’s new fall/winter line.

“Right now, I’m working on a lot of my new stuff ... which may include hoodies and sweats, which will be available in four colors,” Low said. “We’re also launching some luxury line products ... using some supima cotton. Less than 1% of the world’s cotton is supima cotton. (It’s) the most luxurious cotton in the world.”

Though brand expansion is on Low’s mind, he said he hasn’t lost sight of the reason he started WOGO to begin with.

Giving back

Through WOGO, Low said he is able to provide an “outfitting experience” for widows and orphans.

That mission resonates with Hardage.

“The mission ... I think is amazing,” Hardage said. “Having an adopted sister, I really appreciate Collin helping out widows and orphans locally. My sister wasn’t a local orphan, but I really do love his mission behind and helping people in need.”

Low said WOGO has done an “outfitting” at least once a month since December. Every time he reaches a budget of $150 obtained through 15% of WOGO sales, he does an “outfitting.”

“A lot of the widow outfitting we’ve done has been through a ministry here in town called Sisters Hand in Hand — a widows ministry that meets once a month at a different church around the community,” Low said. Almost every month since December we’ve been able to give an outfitting out that night to one of the widows that attends. There are usually over 100 widows that attend these events, so it’s awesome to have been able to do that.”

Low’s future plans include providing internships and scholarships for widows and orphans to teach them how to run social media sites, build web pages and do fashion design and sewing. Recipients can learn some of those things through working with Low at WOGO, but he said he also wants to partner with other non-profit organizations.

Low said WOGO owes a lot of its success to his wife, Zena.

“She is the greatest supporter — anything that I do or that I’ve done, she’s always supported,” Low said. “I couldn’t do what I do without her help.

“Anything we can be involved with that can help improve someone’s life or day, that’s one of the things I love about fashion — when you feel like you look good, I think it’s a contributing factor to having a better day. When people can put on WOGO (apparel) and feel good in it, they are excited about how they feel.”

To get involved with WOGO or Low, visit his Instagram account @wogoapparel.

To shop the WOGO apparel line, visit the website, or visit the new store at 806 E. Main St., Suite A in Ada.