Children returned for the first full week of school after the holidays, including children at Ada’s Washington Grade Center.

The Ada News caught up with a few of Washington’s third- and fourth-grade kids to find out how they felt about returning to class.

“I’m glad school is back in session,” said third-grader Samuel King. “I’ve missed my teachers. I love to learn. I love school.”

King said his favorite thing about school is reading.

“I played with my cousins at the lake during the break,” said third-grader Colton Fuller. “I’m glad to be back in school. My favorite thing is seeing all my friends every day.”

“My favorite thing about being in the fourth grade is probably lunch and recess,” said fourth-grader Jacy Bohannon. “It splits up the day.” 

Bohannon said her favorite subject is science.

“You get to do experiments and learn new things.”

“I think I like fourth grade better than third grade,” said fourth-grader Ella Key. “I like our teachers. I liked our teachers last year too, but I like learning new things, and we get to learn more things in fourth grade.” When asked about the last thing she learned in class, Key said, “the fractions; numerators and denominators.”

“The best thing about being a principal in the third- and fourth-grade center is the kids,” Tatum Sallee, Washington principal, said. “I absolutely adore this age. They’re so much fun. They have some independence, but they also still love you and want to be around you and hear from you and hug you.”

Richard R. Barron | The Ada News

Chief Photographer

Richard R. Barron is Chief Photographer for The Ada News. Richard has been at the News since October 1988. Prior to coming to Ada, Richard worked as staff photographer for The Shawnee News-Star. Richard attended Oklahoma University.

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