ADA – Valley View Selected to Participate in Health Care Improvement Initiative

In January of 2007, the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) received a two year grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to identify, develop, and disseminate a set of practical, easy-to-use tools that will help hospitals redesign delivery of care processes to improve patient care. The nearly $1 million grant, "Disseminating Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB)," will allow AONE to share insights from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's TCAB project with 50 hospitals nationwide.

Valley View Regional Hospital, through an application process which included documentation relative to current nursing practices, mission, anticipated benefits, efforts already in place, and profiles of nursing leadership and staff, has been chosen as one of the 50 nationwide hospitals to participate in the TCAB project. Other hospitals included in the TCAB initiative are Cedars Sinai Medical Center, M.D. Anderson, and Kaiser Permante.

Participating hospitals will be taught the basics of the TCAB innovation process with a focus on nurse managers and training.

The program engages nurses to develop interventions and design new processes that improve care and lead to better staff morale.

TCAB focuses on Medical-Surgical units within hospitals using four main goals: 1) Safe and reliable care: Care is safe, reliable, effective and equitable; 2) Patient Centered Care: Care honors the whole person, family and respects individual choices and ensures continuity of care; 3) Vitality and Teamwork: Work is in a joyful and supportive environment nurturing professional/career development; 4) Value Added Care Processes: All care processes are free of waste and promote continuous flow. These goals are achieved through the implementation of smaller initiatives.

Several of the initiatives are already in place throughout Valley View, such as, information boards in patient rooms, medication reconciliation, hand-off communication between care providers and services, moist towelettes on dietary trays, standardization of the personal care technician role, patient notepad for questions related to care, and discharge follow-up telephone calls.

Valley View's Third North Medical-Surgical Nursing Unit, through the initial interest of Mackenzie Ward, BSN, RN, and the continuing leadership of Tino Gonzales, MSN, RN, will serve as the Valley View observation unit.

Gini Lewis, RN, BSN, Valley View Informatics Nurse and HIPAA Privacy Officer, will serve as the Valley View TCAB Information Technology Contact.

This project perfectly reflects Valley View's Shared Governance Councilor Model that assists nurse leaders in working with staff nurses to develop the delivery care system of the future.

Valley View is honored in being selected to participate, and grateful for the staff who make this opportunity possible.

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