ADA - Ada Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 614 W. 10th Thursday morning where they found a garage apartment ablaze. They were unable to save three dogs inside from being overcome from smoke inhalation. No people were injured, however, the local Red Cross assisted with lodging for the family.

The apartment sustained less than $1000 in damage officials say. An electrical outlet was overloaded with extenstion cords, which heated up and caught fire. Fire quickly spread to the furnishings.

The home of Latisha Jackson also sustained heavy fire damage to the living room and dining area with heat and smoke damage to the rest of the structure at 319 E. 16th at 3:25 p.m Saturday. A neighbor noticed the fire and kicked in the front door to alert possible occupants. No one was at home at the time of the fire.

Firefighters reported the fire appeared to have started in the living room in the northwest corner of the home at an electrical outlet where a window unit was plugged in. According to Jackson, the unit had been installed recently due to problems with the central air conditioner.

The Red Cross assisted the family with lodging, clothes and other items. Jackson has three children, two boys ages 7 and 2, and a 4-year old girl. They lost everything in the fire. Any donations for the family can be made through the local Red Cross, at 704 N. Oak or (580) 332-2402.