Donald Trump’s impromptu comment Tuesday regarding the Second Amendment might have been a rallying cry for gun owners to vote for him, but the words carried a dangerous underlying message.

“If she (Hillary) gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” the Republican nominee for president told a North Carolina audience. “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Predictably, condemnation of his comment was swift from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her supporters. But even some of Trump’s allies cringed at the unsaid incitement to arms in opposition to Clinton and the judges she might pick for the Supreme Court should she become president.

Trump’s campaign said he meant nothing of the sort; that he was simply stating gun owners who embrace the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms should oppose Clinton because she would strip away that right.

Maybe, but it was yet another example of Trump’s thoughtless rhetoric on a serious subject, adding even more evidence that his off-the-cuff remarks play to the red-meat appetite of his diehard supporters. In this case, gun owners who fear they will have more regulation under Clinton.

There is no ambiguity in Trump’s record on this point. He has a long history of insulting and demeaning women and minorities. His proposal to build a wall stretching across the Mexican border with no political unity in this nation or Congress is beyond absurd. So too is his plan for a trade war with foreign governments, given the devastating impact such action would have on the economy.

Particularly alarming are Trump’s comments on his embracing of the “strong leadership” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump even lacks knowledge about Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Putin’s policies in the Ukraine that directly led to the shoot down of a civilian jetliner, killing 298 innocent souls in 2014.

Trump’s pattern of recklessness in his comments and uninformed positions on critical national issues should cause Oklahoma voters grave concern over his fitness for the Oval Office.

— The Ada News

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