The Oklahoma Highway Patrol will conduct a month-long operation in Pontotoc County beginning today.

‘Operation T.A.C.T. (Ticket Aggressive Cars and Trucks) is aimed at ticketing drivers who operate vehicles  aggressively and violate the rules of the road, according to OHP Troop F Commander Ronnie Hampton. Hampton said Troop F will deploy additional troopers to Pontotoc County for the operation.

OHP has seven permanent troopers who patrol Pontotoc County roadways. During the operation, Hampton said as many as 13 troopers will be patrolling the county in June.

“We will be very strict on driving above the speed limit, not wearing seat belts and turning unsafely at intersections,” Hampton said. “We will be stopping a lot of cars and trucks. If we find a vehicle is being operated without insurance, it will be impounded. If we find a person driving without a valid license, they will be arrested and their vehicle impounded.”

Hampton said in the past 16 months in Pontotoc County, Troop F investigated 353 motor vehicle collisions that injured 133 people and killed six.

He said 194 of those collisions occurred on rural highways while 140 occurred on rural county roads and 19 occurred inside towns with no police department in the county.

“In the past 16 months, the troopers that normally patrol Pontotoc County have issued 5,517 warnings and 2,647 tickets,” Hampton said. This is not about tickets; this is about compliance. Motorists should feel comfortable to drive the roads of Pontotoc County without worrying about someone crashing into them. Now is the time to start adjusting your speed, leave earlier for work and wear your seat belt.”

Hampton said statistics show in 2011 in Pontotoc County, there were 259 motor vehicle crashes. In the past six years, there were nearly 1,500 crashes in the county. Those totals don’t include wrecks occurring inside the city limits of towns with police departments such as Ada, Allen, Stonewall and Roff.