The weather here in Oklahoma is consistently inconsistent. The comment, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute” seems to suit Oklahoma to the proverbial “T”. We are usually bone dry or we are receiving record rainfall that results in damaging floods. While we must be concerned for those who have been harmed by the flooding, we are thankful for the rain. We must never take rain for granted in Oklahoma. Our climate remains only one hot, dry summer away from returning to the disastrous drought conditions that we have experienced before in this state. We modern Americans have an interesting relationship with our environment. We have made such tremendous advances in our technology that we are surprised when we are confronted by environmental events that we are unable to control.

This is not a discussion of the issue of climate change. That train has already left the station: the climate is already changing. The folks who try to understand what effect the changing climate will have on our weather seem to believe that the climate change phenomenon may contribute to an overall warming trend in Oklahoma combined with increased storm intensity. That is just great! The hot, dry summers may be hotter and dryer. Winter storms may be colder and harsher. Wind storms may be stronger and our tornados may be bigger. All that, and our Oklahoma weather will be no more consistent or predictable than it is today. In other words, we may start experiencing our usual Oklahoma weather, but on steroids!

I read somewhere that Oklahoma must have been divinely created so that we would not take our environment for granted. That’s a joke, of course, but there may be something to the idea. I don’t believe for a minute, though, that our Creator sets up difficult conditions to keep us humble. I do believe that the universe came into existence in ways that we cannot readily understand. We have the ability to search for understanding, however, and we have also been granted the wisdom to protect ourselves from the universal forces, such as severe storms, that may harm us.

How, then, does our Oklahoma weather fit into the divine plan for mankind? The question assumes that such a singular plan exists. I’m not sure that is the case at all. The universe came into being through the interplay and collision of cosmic forces and entities, most of which we know little about. The earth’s environment is part of the phenomenon of all that cosmic activity.

That brings us back to the topic of coping with Oklahoma weather. I truly believe that the best approach to coping with our weather is to use our God-given talents to be as prepared as we can. We know what weather can come at us in Oklahoma during any given season. It is up to us to be ready. It does not matter at all whether we were born here, raised here, or settled here recently, when it comes to dealing with Oklahoma weather we are all in this together.

Peace, and God Bless

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