ADA — A text message deterred one Ada man’s attempt to rob a local fast food restaurant by gunpoint Wednesday night.

According to a report provided by the Ada Police Department, Kristopher Conlee of Ada told a witness he planned to rob the Taco Bell located on Mississippi, but the witness sent a text message to an employee on duty warning her of the situation, at which time she contacted the Ada Police Department.

According to the report, when police arrived on the scene, they observed someone run across Mississippi and behind Arby’s.

They saw a Hispanic male, who turned out to be Conlee, standing next to a dumpster and holding something black.

After the officer confirmed that he didn’t work at Arby’s, he asked Conlee to place his hands on the hood of his vehicle, at which time Conlee began to argue.

The officer stated he had a report of a man with a weapon around the area and needed to check him.

The report indicated Conlee had a strong odor of alcohol emitting from him.

Video surveillance from Taco Bell showed Conlee talking to the witness inside the restaurant.

A black T-shirt, black hat and a Daisy BB Gun made to look like an automatic hand gun were all found in a dumpster at Taco Bell..

Conlee was arrested on the suspicion of public intoxication and endeavoring to commit armed robbery.

Police also suspect Conlee may have been involved in a similar incident earlier that same night.

The report indicated employees from the Ada Burger King, 609 N. Mississippi, also called the APD earlier that night abouta man who walked up to their drive-thru window, pointed a gun, demanded money, and then ran away.