ADA — The felony murder trial of Faye Francis Sliger, 52, Ada began Wednesday as the state’s prosecutor Chris Ross called witnesses to testify. The inclimate weather, snow and ice, forced cancellation of the proceedings on Thursday and court is scheduled to resume today at 12:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, Roger Fowler,a neighbor of Jerry Don Savage’s son Jarod, testified that Jarod came to his house about 3:45 p.m. on Sept. 23, 2005, looking for Jerry Don because his black Nissan truck was parked in Jarod’s driveway, but no one had seen him.

Jerry Don Savage kidnapped and killed Caitlan Wooton before turnign the gun on himself. Faye Sliger is accused of aiding and abetting in the kidnapping.

Casey Gentry was a county jailer the night of the kidnapping when Sliger was brought to jail.  Gentry testified he heard a conversation between a trustee and Sliger.  “Sliger said Jerry had taken his truck to Faye’s house, Faye panicked and took the truck to Jerry’s son’s house and walked back,” Gentry said.

Chelsea Furr told Ross she knew Sliger and his truck through her aunt Karen Dial having a relationship with him. She testified someone in the green Dodge truck was coming from the south ahead of her on Latta Road and pulled into Sliger’s shop around 4:15 on Sept. 23. 

Karen Dial, Sliger’s girlfriend, testified she and Sliger argued on Sept. 23 because her Chevrolet Blazer was not running well, was nearly out of gas and he wouldn’t give her any money. She asked to use his green Dodge truck, but was told Savage was borrowing it.

At one point in the afternoon Sliger asked Dial to take him to his shop and she said she refused.  After finding Sliger had started walking to the shop from their house at 516 West 15th, she went after him and caught up with him at the west end of West 15th.  She drove to Ada Travel Stop where Sliger pumped and paid for gas, then they went to the shop and his truck was not there.  They then drove to the underground house belonging to Sliger on Farm to Market Road.

“Faye told me to drive past the driveway to the road west of the property,” Dial said.

Her Blazer quit and she parked about 20 feet north of the Farm to Market Road on the dirt road. According to Dial, Sliger got out and crossed a fence into the woods and returned in a few minutes in the green Dodge truck. He then followed her into town to be sure her vehicle didn’t fail.  He then turned into his shop and on to set an air conditioner on a job site, according to Dial.  He came to her house about 5 p.m. in the truck and they left in her Blazer with two children she was babysitting.  They went to McDonald’s and to Wintersmith Park and at some point near Jarod Savage’s house they saw fire trucks, but didn’t go closer.  Dial said around 6 p.m. her son Aaron Dial called her and said the police were looking for Sliger’s truck and an Amber Alert had gone out for a missing girl.  Dial said Sliger said “They (Ada police) know where to find me.”  She told the court she and Sliger attempted to go to her house, but saw the SWAT team there and Faye didn’t want to deal with them so they drove away. 


After 9 p.m. Dial said the kids were tired, Sliger and she was tired and wanted to go home, so she called dispatch and spoke to Kim Jones to find out what was going on.  “I was frustrated and tired, so I told the police the green truck had been there all day.  I didn’t tell them I went with Faye to get the truck.”  Dial was charged with accessory after the fact and admitted she was afraid of going to jail.  Her court appointed attorney negotiated an agreement with the district attorney’s office to reduce the charge and she would not have to do jail time in return for truthful testimony in the trial against Sliger.