Four adults and two juveniles face multiple charges stemming from a reported shooting incident Dec. 21 at Tanglewood Apartments in Ada.

Records indicate Ada police responded to a report of shots fired around 3:41 p.m. Dec. 21 at Tanglewood Terrace Apartments, 1100 E. 18th St .in Ada.

Upon arrival, officers report they found Zachariah Semon Larry, 19, of Ada running from an apartment. Police report Larry told officers arriving at the apartment complex that “a black car full of people pointed (an) AR-15 at him and started shooting at him.”

Records indicate Larry took officers to the location where he said the car’s occupants shot at him, but police found no shell casings on the ground. Police report Larry also told them he had “some text messages on his phone” to show them.

According to records provided by Ada police, as officers followed Larry back towards an apartment to examine his phone, a vehicle matching the description Larry gave them arrived at the apartment complex. Records indicate officers stopped the vehicle, ordering all five occupants out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

Police detained the vehicle’s driver, Cameron Devon James; two adult passengers, Christian Darian Washington and Trayvon Nathaniel Miller, 19, of Ada; and two unidentified juvenile occupants. James’ and Washington’s ages were not immediately available.

Records indicate the vehicle’s occupants told police “they came to confront Zach Larry about stealing from Trayvon (Miller) when he pulled ‘a silver .38 Cal. wheel gun’ and fired at them.”

Police report witnesses at the apartment complex told them an individual matching Larry’s description “walked across the courtyard with a six shooter revolver and fired shots at a black Chrysler that had an AR-15 sticking out the window.” That same witness told police the individual returned to his apartment and “came out with another gun that looked like one a cop would carry.”

According to police reports, additional witnesses told police a man matching Larry’s description “(ran) across the courtyard with a firearm and was shooting at a black Chrysler sedan and claimed his life was in danger.” Police report those witnesses also identified the man’s apartment as the apartment belonging to Larry and described the clothes Larry was wearing at the time.

Records indicate police found a “small bag” of marijuana, two boxes of .22 caliber ammunition, a loaded AR-15 magazine and a flask of alcohol inside the vehicle. The occupants were arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled or dangerous substance-marijuana.

According to police reports and court records, detectives obtained and executed search warrants for Larry’s vehicle and apartment. Inside Larry’s vehicle, detectives reported finding a “small bag” of marijuana and two backpacks, one of which contained identification belonging to Trayvon Miller. The backpack containing Miller’s identification was reported stolen Dec. 18 from Miller’s house. Inside Larry’s apartment, detectives reported finding another bag of marijuana, two digital scales, a silver grinder, “sandwich baggies and other assorted loose baggies,” utility bills addressed to Zach Larry at the apartment’s address, 32 rounds of .45 caliber Tulane ammunition, two empty 9mm magazines, nine rounds of .32 caliber ammunition, 38 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition, a .45 caliber HiPoint gun box and $285 in cash.

Larry was arrested and charged with receiving, possessing or concealing stolen property and possession of a controlled or dangerous substance-marijuana.

Court records indicate at the time of his arrest, Larry was free on bond in two other Pontotoc County cases. In October, Larry was charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse — assault and battery. In November, Larry was charged with escape from arrest or detention and possession of a controlled or dangerous substance. Records indicate those bonds were revoked and Larry is currently being held at the Pontotoc County Justice Center in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

All parties are scheduled to appear Jan. 10 in Pontotoc County District Court.

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