Sheriff: Byng schools locked down as precaution

Jeffery Tyler Crosby

Byng schools were temporarily locked down Thursday as a precautionary measure while Pontotoc County sheriff’s deputies searched for a burglary suspect.

Sheriff John Christian said he made the call to place the schools into lockdown “just to be safe.”

Christian said deputies were called to a home in the 5900 block of County Road 3560 Thursday by a homeowner who told authorities his neighbor caught a man burglarizing his shop building.

“The neighbor saw someone in the shop and confronted him,” Christian said. “The (suspect) tried to run, but the neighbor caught him and (a fight ensued),” during which, Christian said, the suspect was badly beaten.

Christian said the homeowner heard the disturbance, came outside and “pulled the neighbor off” the suspect.

The suspect ran into nearby woods before deputies arrived at the home, but he left his pickup truck and a wallet containing his driver’s license at the location.

Christian said the homeowner and neighbor identified the suspect as the individual whose driver license was found at the scene, Jeffery Tyler Crosby.

Crosby remains at large.

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