Sheriff: Are these your drugs?

Anyone with information about these items found in the Owl Creek area north of Stonewall is asked to contact the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office at 580-332-4169.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian is seeking the public’s help in identifying the individual or individuals who may have inadvertently lost their drugs in the Owl Creek community.

Christian said a landowner near the Owl Creek area north of Stonewall told deputies he found the drugs on his property.

“I am sure the owner has just misplaced them and would greatly appreciate us getting them returned,” Christian said Wednesday morning by email. “The owner can contact the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office and ask for Sheriff John G. Christian.”

By phone Wednesday, Christian said while the remarks contained in his email may have struck a humorous tone, there is serious concern behind the inquiry.

“We really would like to locate any individual that would leave these items laying around for just anybody to pick up and experiment with,” Christian said. “A child or some innocent person could find it and, not knowing what it is, they could overdose on it.”

A field test of the drugs contained in the packages determined the substance to be methamphetamine. 

Anyone with information about the items appearing in this photo is asked to contact PCSO at 580-332-4169.


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