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Teachers are a big part of a child's life, many times they are unaware of the impact they make on a students life.  

Recognizing this Ada high school teacher Jamie Weston asked her students to write letters of thanks to teachers that have had an influence on their lives.

As we celebrate the holiday for giving thanks, here are some of those letters. 

I would have to say Coach Daniels. I am thankful for him because he is really cool to talk to. I can talk to him about anything and he won't care. Him and I have a lot in common. We can joke and laugh about anything.

 If i need advice i can literally go to him and get it even if it is not what i wanna hear he is always gonna tell me the truth. 

Literally that’s really the only person that really just gets me and whatever i tell him it won’t get out like other people. We have our ups and downs but we still get along.

Sincerely, Niirene Riley

Dear Mrs. Palmer,

These past three years have been...Interesting to say the least. I have enjoyed my time in PA and when I graduate I will surely miss it. Being able to perform was a pretty good experience for me to express myself and pretty much act like a buffoon in front of dozens of people. I am also thankful that you told me to try competitive drama because I liked how I could choose pieces I thought would be good and (attempt) to do well in contest I just wish we could have done one-acts earlier because I had a very good time performing Sleepy Hollow and getting state runner-up (shouId’ve been first just sayin’) and I guess what I'm trying to say is I’m glad I decided to join and meet interesting people and thank you for being probably the best PA teacher I couId’ve asked for.

Sincerely, David Garner

P.S. Stigler? More like Stinkler.

Dear Mr. Eckler,

Thank you for the work that you do with the aviation program. I appreciate the effort that you put into teaching us and the opportunities that you have created for us through the aviation program. You make me smile when I come to class when you try to scare Wesley and I really enjoy the time that I've spent in the aviation class. Your class has helped open my eyes to all the career opportunities that aviation has to offer.

Thank you for all that you do, John David Muse

Dear Mrs.Bryan

Your class brings me so much joy. From strange conversations we have in class to actual class work there is never a dull day. I am always excited and love coming to your class and learning more everyday. Out of all the English classes I have had, yours is by far my favorite. You almost always have a smile on your face and it brings up the mood of the class over all. You are an amazing teacher and do an amazing job!

Sincerely, Zoe Allen

Dear Mrs. Bryan

You have been a truly amazing teacher from who I have learned so much. I used to hate coming to school but I find myself constantly excited to come to your class. Every day I am in your class I learn something new. Your class has made me more invested in learning and you’ve let me find joy in school again. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, and thank you for teaching me and my fellow classmates.

Sincerely, Drake Vinson

Dear Mr. Whitworth

I am thankful for the way you allowed us to learn while having fun with others. I liked the way you aught us and helped us on the assignments you gave. You allowed us to express ourselves in the classroom and gave us a safe environment to open up. Thank you for teaching us how to be good young people.

Sincerely, Nate Richardson

Mr Vaughn,

Since 7th Grade, I’ve been eager to have you as my teacher again since I was 12. I was pained you went to work at the High School, but I understood since... y'know, high schools are dope. I was actively going to take AP World History, just so I had you as my teacher. Then COVID happens, you move to East Central University, and I ALMOST have you as my tutor (though Cardy/Doug was a great guy, I'm grateful I had him because he was like, the ONLY teacher I had for an entire year). But, don't take this the wrong way! There’s a reason I’m saying this.

You were a Mr. Keating if he wondered why the world was the way it was. Gracefully dancing to topic after topic, culture after culture, I had never known what bias was in that class because you stressed to us the beauty of the world. To adopt perspective. To think. To feel. To understand culture. Oh, and the fact you used textbooks as punishment in the first semester?

Much as everybody hated it, that was... GENIUS. Your class was free-form enough that we could take it easy, but you kept us woven tight so we would get some much-needed perspective. The very key to understanding the world around us. You inspired me. You gave me power past barely making an ‘A’ in a class, and considering every inch of our world. Your Geography class was one of the most meaningful parts of my life, even if it was only 9 months. If there is names I’ll remember to the grave, it was Kami Weems, and Joshua Vaughn.

I wasn’t the most exceptional student, and I still have flaws I've yet to delve into and work on... but you're one of the teachers that kept me going. Thank you for being the enthusiastic, almost theatrical voice that spoke volumes about humanity, values, beliefs, ideologies... and, of course, the globe.

Thank you for playing the part of Atlas, holding up the world.

(This might be a bit dramatic but it’s much deserved, basically, thank you for being one of the greatest teachers I have ever known, if not the greatest.)

Sincerely, John Kelso

Dear Mrs. Bryan,

I just wanted to thank you for the effort that you put into not just our class, but all of the classes throughout the day. I feel like I have learned some valuable things in this class such as life lessons and hearing what others around me have to say. I really appreciate the topics, and the lessons that we all go over. My favorite was The 4 agreements. This helped me realize a lot of different things and it really made me brainstorm and think deeper into things. I have learned a lot in this class so far, and I cannot wait to learn more.

Sincerely, Mariah Harrison

Dear Mrs Winters,

Thank you for making reading fun. Whenever I was younger I used to hate reading but after you had taught me in 3rd grade I have learned to love it ever since. I don’t read all the time but when I do I really enjoy it. But thank you for making a subject I used to hate into something I love.

Sincerely, Kylee Carter

Dear Mrs. Weston

Thanks for teaching me the runnings of photoshop and how to take magnificent and interesting photos both this year and last. When I started this year I wasn't in one of your classes, but I missed it (or more specifically you) so I decided to join your class pretty soon after school started. Thanks so much for your dedication to your job and for being one of the teachers that teaches me something interesting that I feel like I could use in my future. Your love for teaching and each of your students shows so great that I can't have a bad day around you, so I can always count on your class to make my day better. Thanks so much for all the help you provide me for both in your class and out! Thanks for being a great teacher!

Your friend, Christian Hoover

Dear Mrs. Weems,

Thank you for always believing in me. I was in your first class ever and honestly is was one of the most memorable years I had in school. You always pushed me to chase my goals like my freshman year when I told you I wanted to play varsity soccer you told me to keep working hard and I would get there, surprisingly enough I did and now I am going into my senior year as a 3 year starter. But I just wanted to say thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to chase my dreams.

Sincerely, Jonah Ascencion

Dear Mrs. Freeman,

Thank you for everything that you do for the students at Ada High, you go out of your way to make others happy all the time and inspire others to do the same thing. Even on a bad day you still try your hardest to be uplifting and dear-spoken. The change you made from being a science teacher to now being a leadership teacher shows a lot about the inspirator you strive to be.

Sincerely, Caden Carey

Dear Mr Mann,

We must write a letter to our teacher so I selected my favorite. That class has actually been fun this year, and I am getting a lot more comfortable with that class, being at a new school and all. It has been pretty rough at times but that class has been a bright spot of my day, especially when I need an extra day on an assignment and it really helps. Easily my favorite English class I have ever had, this is probably my favorite class I have ever had.

Sincerely, Cooper Underwood

Mrs. Moiser

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to succeed and do my best. You are understanding and extremely caring for your students. I like being in your class because you are so nice and always trying to make the best of the day. You explain everything clearly and still let us ask questions. We are given a space to express ourselves through writing, reading, and being in your class. We are much more interactive and talkative because of the patience and how you express yourself through teaching. We learn more and more everyday and we are interested in what we learn. 

Everyone has rough days, but Mrs. Moiser tries to still make the day a good day for all students. She gives a great learning experience and an awesome outlook on life. She is honest with us, but not mean and she gives us a chance. She gives us extra help if we need it, understands that we are going through things and that we might need extra time on an assignment. She is empathetic and caring for her students. 

The class all together is fun and she makes English go by quicker because she puts more effort into paying attention to how the students are doing or acting. If a student needs an extension, help, to talk, or just a place to sit and have a calm few minutes or an hour, she will be understanding if you explain what is going on to her. Finding a good teacher isn't easy but finding a great teacher is even harder.

Mrs. Moiser definitely is a great teacher who does not get enough credit for how hard she works.

Sincerely, Hayllee Jensen

Dear Mrs.Waters,

I really love what you bring to class. You make the class so upbeat, fun, and easy to look forward to. Whenever we are down, we do something fun or funny to get back up. We always do something fun, whether that be walking to the choir room to get water, debate over dresses, or sit in silence.

I also want to say thank you for having a personal impact on me. Your positive attitude is extremely contagious. It reminds me to stay optimistic and always puts a smile on my face. You have also helped me at my personal worst, and I am very thankful for that.

Thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Brooke Hunsucker

Mrs. Manwell

Thank you for being the best teacher the past three years. I really enjoy going to your class. I love all the fun activities we do and places we go. I enjoy being apart of all your clubs because we get to learn lots ol new things. You are always there when I need to talk and always there if I need help on an assignment. Whenever I need advice you always give the best advice.

Sincerely, Paisley Mitchell

The teacher I have chosen is Mrs. Weems from the Ada Jr. High. She had an impact on me and other students in her English class. In her English class, I never was good at writing or making essay but with her help and encouragement I was able to make several and even improve my writing. In her class all of the students were welcomed with a smiling face, and a bright attitude, making them have a good start to their day.

Her bright and caring attitude helped me through my hard days, giving me a helping hand, for I have had her help me in ways too kind. When I was in the middle of a breakdown she helped me, when my friends were having a bad day, she would give them words of encouragement, helping them through their own hurtful days. Mrs. Weems is the teacher I have picked for she is more than a teacher, to the kids she teaches she feels like a friend to them.

Sincerely, Ali Byers

Dear Ms. Rob:

I wanted to thank you for taking a year of your life to let me have your class. It was a very enjoyable class and I hope you have a long and prosperous career. You were my second best teacher that I’ve had in my life and I honestly hope you keep helping students and brightening up their day. I also wanted to thank you for all the suckers you gave me on the last day of school.

You have and always will be one of my favorite junior high teachers. I loved reading romeo and Juliet in your class and I am grateful to have had your class.

Sincerely, Alvaro Alamilla

Dear Ms. Taylor,

I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how much I appreciate you. You’ve always been very supportive of me. You help me extra when I still don’t understand. I know it’s your job but still, I really appreciate you. It makes me feel more confident.You make the classroom calm. I never feel anxious or scared. When it comes time for tests or quizzes your still calm. You are a prefect role model. Thank you for caring and showing kindness.

Your Sister, Emery Rutherford

Dear Mrs Duncan

This is a letter to you for being the best teacher I ever had. When I walk in the room you always know how to light up the space. You know how to teach and be are bestie in one. I think my favorite part is that when your serious and we make you laugh. When we all have conversations and you laugh with us is the best part. Sorry that we always talk in that class but lets be real here you’re the only teacher and class that most of us students have fun in. Well that’s my letter to you love you.

Sincerely – Avah Bowman

Dear Mr.Mann:

Thank you, your class has taught me a lot this year, I am actually learning. I have always hated reading but this year you have made it a blast, I couldn't ask for a better teacher. I always appreciate that you complement me on my reading and writing skills, to this day I have never liked how I read or write but you made my confidence go up. By the way, I know I'm your favorite. Thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Courtnie Blevins

Dear Mrs. Krebbs

Thank you. Your classroom was always one I could walk into knowing that it was good. Knowing that it was going to be a fun 55 minutes, and that whatever lesson you had prepared would be as entertaining as it was educational. While your English class has probably been among the more challenging that I've taken, it’s also been my favorite so far.

No matter what stories we read or write, and no matter what we do, we are always shaped by the people around us, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be shaped by you. Thank you for pushing me to new limits, and thank you for giving me a place to be myself.

Sincerely, Nathaniel Crowell

Dear, Mrs. Jessepe

I remember when we were first introduced to each other at our teacher meet & greet, and the conversation that followed of how I was almost as tall as you. I instantly knew we were going to get along, and you soon proved me right. Every day I was excited for your class every day, arid the way you treated me stood out the most with kindness, love, and open arms. I can’t even put into words how you made me feel every day of my 4“ grade life. You were never a teacher to me you were my friend.

I remember a time where I had to go into a “special” class because my AR reading scores were too low. One day I accidentally dropped my vocab, this kid picked up my vocab and said “this is what you learn you’re so stupid”. You told him to shut his trap, and to mind his own business. So I thank you for being there for me, showing me kindness, and having resect for a 9 year old.

Sincerely, Hannah Cornelius

Dear Mr. Vaughn,

Thank you for teaching my Geography in the 7" grade. One of the reasons I want to be a geography teacher myself is because of your class. You made learning about the world fun for every student. I always felt like learning more and more about the different regions of the world in your class. I appreciate your willingness to teach our rambunctious class too. As our class didn’t have the best-behaved students by far.

Even now I want to spread my own version of that fascination. I hope that if I become a history teacher I can make my class as fun and as inviting as your class was. Another thing is that you showed videos to introduce us to different cultures, and not because the school required you to, but that you thought the videos were a valuable learning experience. So thank you for lighting a new spark for my interest in history and setting ablaze another fire for me wanting to be my own history teacher.

Sincerely, Elliot Riden

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I haven’t seen you in a while but I was thinking of who to say thank you too and you popped up in my brain. I appreciated your class but I appreciate who you are. You treat everyone with equal kindness in your own wacky way. Wacky is the best word to describe you. 1 think you are a great teacher and person. I retained a lot from your class without even knowing it.

Never stop being a science teacher. You are amazing at it and you really love what you do. I enjoy my conversations with you. I am about to graduate this year and I say that of all my teachers you have been consistently one of my favorites. Thank you for all you do and for being a teacher.

Sincerely, Kira Lindsay

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