Sandy Eversole Coffee, certified technician of JSBC, a Coalgate based computer business providing new equipment, repairs, and upgrade, placed second in the state of Oklahoma in the State Internetworking Contest held at Tulsa Technology Center Riverside Campus. The full-day competition drew a host of participants from across the state.

The contest had six elements. (1) Router Configuration involved setting up a network consisting of two or three routers to a given set of specifications. Protocol included RIP, OSPF, and/or EIGRP. Static routes and redistribution were included. Access Control Lists and NAT were used. (2)

Switch Configuration involved one or two switches to accommodate remote management, basic security, VLANS and trunking and a router to allow inter-VLAN communication. (3) Cable Construction with Ethernet patch cable, Ethernet crossover cable, rollover cable and specified termination standards, and the construction of a simulated horizontal cable run from a punchdown block (66 or 110) to an 8P8C (RJ-45) jack. (4) Logical Network Design was a paper activity in which contestants designed an IP addressing scheme for a network of up to 2000 users. CIDR, VLSM, and other advanced IP addressing techniques. (5) Network Exploration involved contestants with connecting to one device in a network and using their IOS skills to work around access limitations in order to identify and document all other devices in the network. (6) Network Troubleshooting whereby participants were given a network of two or three routers and/or switches and a brief problem description from which the contestants identified and documented the problem and solution. All activities were timed.