Roff finishes second in Scholastic Meet division

Roff finishes second in Scholastic Meet division

Roff High School students attended the Murray Scholastic Meet on Feb. 26. Roff finished second in Division 3.

Students placing are as follows: 

• First place: Cassie Moore, accounting, first overall; Ashlie Chandler, business math, second overall, Makynze York, Powerpoint presentation, second overall; Cassie Castleberry, spreadsheet application, third overall; Coby Simon, physics, third overall; Tori Prince, behavioral science, fourth overall.

• Second place: Jamin Vanhorn, anatomy and physiology, third overall; Jacob Anderson, English literature; Danleigh Harris, American government; Kenlei Henderson, art drawing; Jamin Vanhorn, vocal performance; Beau Joplin, Oklahoma history.

• Third place: Jamin Vanhorn, world history.

• Fourth place: Cade Baldridge, Oklahoma wildlife identification; Kenlei Henderson, art portfolio; Lillie McDonald, Spanish, Maggie Sawyers, library skills; Makayla Wills, Algebra I; Ashlynn York-American literature.

• Fifth place: Wil Joplin, world geography; Trayson Miller, American history; Garrett Morgan, general science; Tori Prince, calculus; Camden Simon, geometry.

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