The Ada Prime Timers met on July 16 at J.D.’s Cafeteria. After a meet-and-greet time, a buffet dinner was enjoyed by all.

President Tony Pippin called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by Vestal Cole. The American flag salute was led by J.W. Brown.

Our visitors were Ollie Roberts; Z. D. Parker; Joyce Simpson; Lois Burris; Barbara Debeck; Ken Brumbley; G. W. Tracy; Robin Peterson; Gene Lehmann; Jimmy Tignore; Les Briggs, son of member Mary Ann Briggs; Lowell Jones and Tamara Jones. Tamara joined Prime Timers.

Celebrating a July birthday was Linda Wells, Don and Brenda Clark celebrated a July anniversary.

Secretary Pat Jarrett-Briley read the June meeting minutes. Treasurer Bette Cole reported disbursing a $10 meal ticket and $25 to the Elks Veteran program in memory of Bob Ardiana, leaving a balance in the treasury of $508.03.

Humor for the day was presented by Ruth Ann Taylor and enjoyed by all.

The program was presented by Jimmy Tignore playing the guitar and singing several selections. Some were Willie Nelson songs, with Gene Lehmann accompanying on the fiddle.

The next Prime Timers meeting will be Aug. 20 at J. D.’s Cafeteria. The program will be an informative program, presented by the director of Mama T’s Homeless Shelter. Activities begin at 5:30 p.m. For inquiries call 580-320-0454 or 580-436-1116.

Those in attendance: Tony Pippin, Ruth Ann Taylor, Sherlene Elliott, Ollie Roberts, Z.D. Parker, Joyce Simpson, Bryna Lane, Linda Wells, Wanda Privett, Jodi Jackson, Mary James, Lois Burris, Barbara DeBeck, Ken Brumbley, Floyd and Pat Gurley, Tom Stephens, Vestal and Bette Cole, Les Briggs, Mary Ann Briggs, Dean and Betty Brown, Ray Quiett, G.W. Tracy, Robin Peterson, J.W. Brown, Ladell Maxwell-Brown, Lowell and Tamara Jones, Pat Jarrett-Briley, Don and Brenda Clark, Wendell and Treva Gurley, Gene Lehmann and Jimmy Tignore.

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