President Vaden Morgan welcomed everyone followed by the invocation given by Ruth Ann Taylor. The meal was catered by Chicken Express.

After the meal, Pres. Morgan introduced Lacy Carrol, Oklahoma Blood Institute Volunteer. Ms. Carrol began by explaining the history of the Institute. Dr. Gilcher laid the foundation for Oklahoma donors & progressive improvements starting the organization and working for 37 years. Oklahoma has 6 centers. We were the first to meet the testing regulations for HIV and later the process went nation wide. The present president and CEO is John Armitage, MD. OBI supplies all the blood needed in over 140 medical facilities in Oklahoma. One thousand units per day are needed with 70 in ours alone. This shows the importance of volunteers willing to donate. There are 3 ways of doing this: blood, platelets, and/or volunteer. OBI welcomes all who are willing to help.

COMMITTEES: 1).Legislative—June Murphy reported on the bills she has been watching. The state officials are discussing taxing services we us example, hair cuts, teeth, etc. She reported on the State of the Union Address and the some of the places our money goes. 2).Benevolence & Volunteer—Mary Scalf reported sending cards to the McGehee family for the loss of their patriarch, De’Esta and Don Hoover who are both recovering from an illness, and Tommy Beddow after having surgery to correct a disc problem. PCREA recorded 5986 volunteer hours for 2015. Ms. Scalf reminded the members to begin noting their hours for the new year. 3).Nomination—Edna Mae Cooley gave the nominees for the new set of officers. Pres. Vaden Morgan, V.Pres., Judy Hanson, and Secretary Judy Hisaw agreed to remain. Betty Allred decided to step down from the treasury so Sandra Mantooth was nominated as her replacement. The official vote will be in March.

Ada Hill, South Central District Representative, re-enforced Ms. Murphy’s plea for members to stay aware of the bills in congress. Ms. Hill announced she would like for someone from PCREA to apply for her position since she is retiring. She also stated we want educators to have a raise in salary but not at the expense of the retired educators. This is why she isn’t sure about the 1 cent sales tax. Ms. Hill asked members to do their research to see how the tax is actually going to be used.

Abby Phillips announced the Special Olympics would be held in the Ada Cougar Activity Center this Tuesday the 23rd. Jo Ann Hunt invited members to attend the Save the Day—dedication of the ECU Education Building which has been under renovation. It will be named the Lanoy Ed. Building. Date is March 29.

Dorotha Fenton and Ruth Ann Taylor prepared the decorations consisting of red, white, & blue flowers & ribbons in bud vases with flags flying. Head tables’ centerpieces continued the color scheme with white lilies, red flocked flowers, ribbons, baby’s breath, and greenery. A wooden “Uncle Sam” stood by the podium. The winners of the centerpieces were Tom Stephens, and Martha Skinner.

Next meeting is March 4th with Norman Cooper, Executive Director, Oklahoma Retired Teachers, Association, presenting the program, “A man is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.”

ATTENDING: Sammy Edwards, June Murphy, Sandra Mantooth, Vaden Morgan, Ruth Ann Taylor, Judy Hisaw, Dorotha Fenton, Betty Allred, Lee Sweat, Barbara Langley, Ada Hill, Jo Ann Hunt, Judy Hanson, Monte Surber, Lacy Carroll, Tom Stephens, Gerri Stephens, Jean Lyon, Abby Phillips, Peggy Bagley, Janet Gibson, Nyta Ballard, Jeannie McGehee, Ray Quiett, Mary Scalf, Harold Skinner, Martha Skinner, Gary Cooper, Mike McGaha, Edna Mae Cooley, Susanne McFarlane.

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Carl Lewis was the editor of The Ada News from 2018 to 2020.

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