Emergency personnel responded to the scene of a domestic disturbance that turned violent Tuesday. 

A fire was reportedly set by a man with a knife in the 200 block of South Stonewall in Ada. Fire and EMS workers remained in a staging area at 12th and Stonewall briefly until the scene was secure.

An Ada Police Department report stated that Ada resident Marcus Ortiz had started a small fire and was armed with a knife.

The report indicated that Ortiz’ girlfriend, Taylor Donaghey, told police that at one point Ortiz had locked himself in a bathroom armed with a knife,and refused to come out. And when she threatened to break down the door, an altercation resulted in Ortiz placing his hands around her neck. Police observed a visible red mark on Donaghey’s neck, the report said.

Ortiz was arrested at the scene.

Firefighters treated Sherry Robinson at the scene for a lacerated thumb until EMS arrived to treat the patient. Robinson’s relationship to Ortiz was not immediately known.

Police later retrieved a large red-and-black kitchen knife from the scene.

According to a report provided by the Ada Fire Department, when fire officials were cleared to enter the scene at 211 S. Stonewall, they observed a single-story wood-framed residence, and saw light smoke coming from the structure. Firefighters entered the residence and a found small fire in the kitchen that had already been extinguished. 

Due to the potential of a crime having been committed, fire crews checked the building with thermal imaging sensors, then left the structure in order to preserve any evidence.

The incident remains under investigation.

Richard R. Barron | The Ada News

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