Thanks to a tip from a family passing my office Saturday in downtown Ada, I was able to finally photograph a recent Ada curiosity, Hey Hey the chicken.

“Hey Richard,” came a voice from a minivan passing The Ada News about midday. “We might have a good photo for you. There’s a chicken at Chicken Express.”

“Is that the same chicken we’ve been seeing next door to Chicken Express at Sonic?” I asked. Sure enough, it is.

I explained that we had heard a lot of rumors about this legendary farm bird, but I had not yet had the honor. This was my chance. I got in my car and drove the short distance to Sonic on Mississippi. There she was. Or he. Honestly, I don’t know chickens as well as I should, so Hey Hey was either a rooster or a hen. I’ll let my readers let me know.

Several Sonic employees, who spoke to me anonymously, said the bird has been their neighbor and guest for the better part of a month. They take turns feeding the fowl, and even said an area school is hoping to construct a coop for Hey Hey.

It was an honor to finally meet this storied animal first hand, and say, “Hey, hey, Hey Hey.”

Richard R. Barron | The Ada News

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