On this day in 2014, Ada police planned to pass out report cards

Plans were in the making to put bright pink tickets like this one under vehicles’ windshield wipers, May 9, 2014, in an attempt to curb an overwhelming number of auto burglaries.

On May 9, 2014, Ada police planned to started a new program that involved handing out vehicle security report cards.

The program was an attempt to curb an overwhelming number of auto burglaries, Ada Police Capt. Mike Lynch said. The report cards were bright pink and were left under vehicles’ windshield wipers.

The cards read: “This is not a ticket, your vehicle has” either passed or failed. Reasons for failure are unlocked doors and leaving any number of valuable items in plain sight. Lynch said vehicle burglaries occur on an almost daily basis, and the vast majority of victimized vehicles were unlocked or had valuables in plain sight.

Lynch said residents should keep their vehicles locked and either remove or hide valuable items. Thieves have broken vehicles’ windows just to get change from drink holders. Lynch said burglaries increase as the weather warms.

“During the summer months, we have a lot more car burglaries,” he said. “People (thieves) are out day and night.”

Lynch said those who find a report card on their vehicle need only be proud they passed, or heed the advice written by police on the card. There is no need to call in about the report card.

Funding for the program is part of a larger federal grant awarded to Ada Police Department to help prevent crime.