Nesbit seeking U.S. Senate seat

A.D. Nesbit, U.S. Senate candidate

Building community through shared horizons is the focus of A.D. Nesbit’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

As an Independent candidate, Nesbit believes the focus should be on the needs of the people of Oklahoma, not party politics. The role of government is to listen and serve the people, not tell people what to do.

Nesbit practices service through volunteering at her church and with The Nature Conservancy to restore native habitat in Oklahoma.

Nesbit is a college educator who knows that everyone has their specialty, whether it is teaching classes, working oil fields, managing a business or fixing homes. She listens to people before making a decision that affects them. 

Her specialties are listening to people from all walks of life and microbiology, which includes bacteria, fungi and viruses. These specialties means she has been closely watching the COVID-19 developments and the impact of pandemic response on this community.

As a mother and Christian, Nesbit is especially concerned about children’s advocacy including their safety, health, and education. When children and adults are given the chance to succeed, it improves the lives of the whole community.

Nesbit lives in Ada with her husband, David, and young daughter, Alaina. If you wish to contact Nesbit, please visit her website or tag her on twitter @nesbit_ok.

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