Police continue to search for a suspect who stabbed an Ada man Saturday night.

The stabbing occurred just after 10 p.m. at a residence in the 600 block of S. Stockton. Police responded and found the front door open with a storm door closed.

“I looked into the front room and observed the victim, later identified as Quinton Letterman, laying on the floor at the north end of a mattress, and he was holding his abdomen area, (which) was covered in blood,” Officer Kathy Unbewust said in a report.

The suspect fled the scene. Letterman, 32, was taken to Valley View Regional Hospital and admitted with two stab wounds to the chest, according to emergency radio traffic.

Letterman reportedly told police he was stabbed by a man for whom he did not have a description.

He later said it was a friend, but did not know the friend’s name, according to Captain Tommy Cosper. A neighbor said shortly before police arrived he saw a man run past his front yard but was unable to provide a description.

Letterman’s condition was unavailable by press time.

Anyone with information on this or any crime can phone CrimeStoppers at 33CATCH or 332-2824 to report the information and remain anonymous.