ADA — An Ada woman who claimed she was attacked in an alleged hate crime last December confessed to Ada Police she fabricated the entire story.

Sarah Kaspereit, 21, Ada, made the claim that two men held her down in her driveway and carved the word “lesbian” into her arm Dec. 4. She said her attackers called her “faggot” before wrestling her to the ground.

However after nearly three months of investigation conducted by both the Ada Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Kaspereit admitted that the superficial carving was self-inflicted.

While phone calls were not returned from Kaspereit regarding the issue, an entry on her Myspace page dated Jan. 17 provided information that may be related to the issue. In the blog, she said, “I saught and am seeking more help. That’s why I came forward with the truth in the first place. I know I don’t deserve trust from anyone. I’m just trying to figure out who the hell I am.”

"I hate it for her, but I'm really glad that it didn't happen in Ada,” Ada Police Chief Mike Miller said. He indicated that charges were not going to be filed against Kaspereit for filing a false report.

However, not everyone believes Kaspereit made up the attack.

“I know she said she made it up but I still don't know if she made it up," Dr. Christine Pappas, political science professor and sponsor of East Central University’s Gay-Straight Alliance. “I don't believe she made it up, I believe she was pressured into saying she did in order not to be prosecuted.”

“I think she makes all gay people look bad by making false accusations that she was attacked for being gay when she was just in need of some therapy," one local member of Ada's gay community, who did not want to be identified, said. "I don't think she was forced to say she made it up. She made it up and she should pay a price for doing so.”

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