A 24-year-old man was arrested last weekend after he was reportedly caught burglarizing and vandalizing Dicus Supermarket.

Arrested was Ross Irwin Watanave.

Ada police responded to the grocery store, located at 220 E. 13th Street, Oct. 2, according to a report by Detective Marcus Beale, who also responded to the call.

"While en route, Officer (Eric) Niblett arrived on scene and advised he had a subject at gunpoint (Watanave)," Beale said. "Sergeant (Michael) Meeks arrived on scene next and advised over the radio that they had one in custody."

Beale said when he arrived at the supermarket, he observed broken glass from the store's front doors, a shopping cart with items pushed through the glass door, and a vehicle parked in the walkway of the store.

"I pushed the cart out of the way and made entrance into the store to clear the building," Beale said. "Officer (Jussley) Canada cleared the building with me. While clearing the building, I observed damaged goods all over the store, shattered windows, and blood on the floor. I also observed multiple matches burned on top of a pack of batteries. While clearing the back of the store, I observed different cuts of meat taken from the freezer and a cart full of meat."

Beale said one of the stores back offices had items thrown around and damaged. All of the walk-in freezer doors were open and ice was starting to melt, he said.

"After clearing the building, I spoke with the owner, Jimmy Dicus, and he came into the store and did a walk thru and started cleaning the store," Beale said. "(Dicus) had a employee come in and try to get video of the incident. On video you can see the vehicle Ross was in pull up to the store entrance and Ross exits the vehicle and breaks the glass and goes into the store."

Watanave was arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary, second degree arson and maliciously defacing property. He was taken to the Pontotoc County Justice Center and bond was set at $50,000. According to court records, in July, Watanave was charged in Pontotoc County District Court with felony second-degree burglary. The case is still pending.

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