Latta High School released their second semester honor rolls for students in the 9th through 12th grades. Listed below are the students that made the Superintendent's Honor Roll and Principal's Honor Roll.

Superintendent's Honor Roll

Seniors: Xavier Hamilton, Hailey Baber, Maddie Kinsey, Brylea Russell, Hope Wear, Braydan Bess, Maci Dansby, Carson Dean, Christina Fox, Camryn Jesse, Harmon Notter, Stevy Reeves, Ryler Reeves and Gehrig Strong.

Juniors: Elizabeth Crawford, Conner Rakes, Bailey Howe, Tyler Ireland, Angelle Jimenez, Lawson Lancaster, Taryn Batterton, Dylan Cool, Cooper Hamilton, Shelby Little, Mackenzie Pollard, Alesha Traylor, Kale Williams, Madyson Bonner, Brook Gragg, Shelby Schuette, Tristan Terpstra, Konner Turner, Trinity Cotanny, Cassidy Miller and Jade Sanders.

Sophmores: Sheriden Adair, Cooper Coulson, Kate Crabtree, Avery Elliott, Lincoln Estes, Clayton Hayes, Auburn King, Logan Mackey, Kaitlyn Moffat, Mallory Reeves, Kyndal Schlup, Hunter Williams, Tybrie Wood, Janica Geralde, Anna Mearns, Brooklyn Ryan, Jaden Cooper, Holly Jenkins, Camden Jones, Donna Marshall, Autumn Sutton and Lynndie Taylor.

Freshmen: Sam Brown, Rafael Charqueno, Ricardo Charqueno, Carter Dotson, Kaleb Goodwin, Bentley Hill, Teegan Lancaster, Holden Lee, Jaycie Prine, Savannah Sullivan, Katon Turner and Karlee West.

Principal's Honor Roll

Seniors: LaTavia Amador-Williams, Micco Johnson, Joseph Scott, Daisy Yanez, Caitlyn Byrd, Nina Capps, Ajay Kelough, Luisa Martinez, Jonathan Morrow, DJ Van Atten, Elizabeth Acree, Caleb Balch, Katlyn Winchester, Lesie Orphan and Bailey Bolin.

Juniors: Tucker Abney, Chloe Miller, Laura Miller and Whitney Thomas.

Sophomores: Jackson Presley, Clayton English, Abby Grand, Camden Griffin, Olivia Hunley, Conner Weaver, Ethan Showalter, Carson Abbott, Mallory Glenn and Memphis Neal.

Freshmen: Brayden Hill, Payton Noland, Parker Pogue, Hunter Price, Kate Williams, Laraby Jennings, Thomas Morrow, Zeagan Stewart, Brody Staubus, Andrew Morrow, Emily Negri and Chloe Amador-Williams

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