Mrs. Carr’s 3rd grade class at Konawa Elementary wrote pen pal letters to a third-grade class in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada.

The students received letters back from their friends, which they opened Nov. 12.

“We were very excited to open our package and find hand-written letters to each student, two lapel pins for each child with information about the history of Black Diamond, hand-made bookmarks and pictures of each child’s pen pal,” Carr said. “I also received a hand-written card from the teacher, Emily Baranyay, as well as a group picture of the children and a map of their town.

Carr said the students’ Canadian pen pals are studying about Peru and rocks.

“They were excited about Halloween, and many mentioned the costumes that they were going to wear,” she said. “This year, it is my hope that my class is able to write to a different school on each of the continents. We are in the process of sending off letters to a school in Spain. They have asked us to write about Thanksgiving.”