KONAWA — The city of Konawa officially entered into phase three of its water rationing plan July 31. Officials say due to the continued water shortage, all outside water use is prohibited.

Phase one of the water rationing plan was implemented July 19. Phase one asked Konawa residents to voluntarily ration their water use. Konawa City Manager David Wood said this was not effective, and July 27 the city moved to phase two. This restricted residents from using water obtained from the city water system for the purpose of watering or sprinkling a lawn or swimming pools.

“When you run short on water you have to do something,” Wood said. When phase two did not provide the relief the city expected, city officials immediately implemented phase three.

“This has to be effective and we will do whatever we have to do to ensure everyone complies,” Wood said. He said verbal warnings will probably be issued first, but he ensured repeat offenders will be turned over to the proper authorities.

In this type of water shortage emergency, Wood said it is unlawful to disobey the restrictions. Wood said he felt certain everyone in Konawa will comply once they realize the urgency of it. The city of Konawa has set up a pager for residents to leave a number for officials to call back, to report leaks, breaks in lines or violators during this water shortage. Wood said residents should phone (580) 213-3546 and wait for the beep, leave a number then wait for another beep before hanging up.

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