Thirteen is a milestone for most kids. It’s a line of demarcation, across which, they’re a little more grown up than they were the day before. Yes, becoming a teenager is usually a pretty big deal. But, what happens when that milestone arrives during a global pandemic, when the normal avenues of celebration are cut off? Some Kingsridge residents were recently faced with that very question.

Ada Junior High School teacher Debbie Vogt was there with her camera when Jake Bohannon, who turned 13 on April 20, was surprised by a significant number of his neighbors on his birthday. Bohannon’s neighbors, not content to allow his birthday to pass unnoticed, grabbed their sidewalk chalk and took to their driveways to wish him a happy birthday in colorful, creative ways. In all, 36 driveways were covered with well-wishes and birthday greetings for the AJHS student.

“Thirty-six driveways participated, showing Jake that being quarantined does not mean the milestone birthday is forgotten,” Vogt said. “Rather, it is motivation to rally together and celebrate in creative ways.”

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