Latta HCE

LATTA — Latta Home and Community Education group met for its June meeting at JD’s Café with Kathryn Floyd, presiding.

The blessing and devotional was given by Floyd. The flag salute was led by Olive Hamilton, guest. Sara Pritchett read the HCE creed. Roll call was answered with “What is the safest safety device you depend on.” Everyone said “the smoke detector.”

In absence of the secretary, the president read the minutes and the treasurer’s report. Both were approved. The lesson was presented by Floyd on safety measures. She stated in driving, be sure you check your tires before you leave, drive defensively and wear seat belts. Home safety is never to leave anything on the stove unattended and put pot handles toward the back of the stove. Set a time each year to replace batteries in smoke alarm. In case of a fire, have a planned exit and meeting place after the fire.

The report on the past president’s tour to the lavender farm at Shawnee was given by Pritchett. Members told how and when to set out lavender plants and how to water and when to cut the lavender stems along with the drying process. Each person made a lavender wand.

Refreshments of lavender punch and cookies were served. Later the group ate lunch at a tea room at Shawnee.

The State OHC meeting will be held July 10-11 at Oklahoma City at the Clarion Convention Center. Projects that have not been finished are being worked on. The meeting adjourned and the next meeting is scheduled for July 11 at JD’s.

Those present were Sara Pritchett, Jan Manuel, Sue Hamilton and Kathryn Floyd.

Diamond “K” Kiwanis

ADA — Ada Diamond “K” Kiwanis met May 2 with Roy Waston presiding and leading the pledge to the flag and the invocation. Frank Fountain introduced Greg Dean, who spoke about the Ada High School football program.

Twenty-four members were in attendance and 27 members attended May 9 to hear Mickey Cowan talk about the football program and the years spent at East Central University.

Nineteen members were in attendance May 16 to hear Russ Allen, Vision Bank employee, speak about stocks and other bank assets.

Twenty-four members and six wives attended a breakfast meeting at the Aldridge dining room May 30 to hear Todd Thompen speak about the Christian Athletic Program.

Chickasaw AARP

ADA — Chickasaw AARP Chapter 4413 met June 15 at the Senior Site on Chamber Loop. Jeannie Coplin, president, led the meeting.

The program was presented by Leon Greenwood and Pat Cox from the Cultural Affairs Department. Greenwood had several articles depicting Indian heritage such as eagle feathers, eagle feather staffs and drums. He paid tribute to his father when he was in the Navy. Greenwood has traveled all over the United States to other Indian Tribal Affairs.

Cox, Greenwood’s sister, presented him with a book on Chickasaw history. Cox teaches a language class in all eleven sites. She said members must endeavor to keep the language alive. She is teaching children and adults the language. In head-start, children are learning to count and the name of animals. Anyone interested in learning the language should contact Pat Cox.

Thirty-one people attended the meeting. Chickasaw AARP has a monthly meeting the third Thursday of the month at 12:15 p.m. Anyone belonging to the National AARP is invited to attend. The next meeting will be July 20.

Colbert HCE

ADA — Colbert Home and Community Education group met June 21 at the home of Joyce Jared. Elaine Sundquist, president, calledthe meeting to order. For the devotional, Jared read a poem written by her son, who drew his inspiration from the book of Psalms.

Sylvia McDermott led the salute to the flag, and Bernice Patrick led the OHCE creed. Members responded to roll call by naming one device each uses for home safety. Ruth Janik read the minutes of the previous meeting and Patrick gave the treasurer’s report. Janik gave Patrick the information for the OHCE “Can’t Weight to Walk” project and gave McDermott stamps for the group project. Sundquist described the recent tour to the Country Cottage Primative Lavender Farm for the benefit of Jared, who was not able to go on the trip. Sundquist advised members of the State Pecan Food Show at Shawnee June 19.

Sundquist presented the program for June. She gave an interesting and comprehensive report on home safety devices, using notes she had taken during the leader lesson presented at the Agri-Plex by Pete Peterson, Pontotoc County Sheriff, and also five men from the Ada Fire Department. Sundquist explained how to maintain and use a fire extinguisher and gave several tips in case of fire in the home, as well as information about self-defense. She also spoke about important things to do to secure the home when going on a trip. In a group discussion, members offered many additional ideas.

The meeting was adjourned, and following a prayer offered by Jared, refreshments were served while members shared stories of personal experiences relating to the program subject.

Those attending were Bernice Patrick, Elaine Sundquist, Sylvia McDermott, Ruth Janik and Joyce Jared.

The next Colbert HCE meeting will be July 19 at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Elaine Sunduist.

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