ADA — Vasyl Nechepa, a trophy winner of the A Voice of the Ukraine Festival@, and featured soloist of the Chernigiv Philharmonic Orchestra, will be performing folksongs and ballads of Ukraine Nov. 2, at 7 p.m. at the Regents’ Room as a part of Russian Tea Room. Admission is free. His latest achievement is Taras Shevchenko Award that he received in March of this year.

Nechepa accompanies himself on the Lira and Kobza, authentic replicas of antique, uniquely Ukrainian stringed instruments handmade by a previous generation of master craftsmen. He wears a kozak costume and explains the fascinating origins of the songs and the culture from which they came. He delightfully weaves his songs together with dramatic and humorous presentations of information about Ukrainian history, government, religion, ecology, culture, etc. Sponsors say he is very warm and personable and relates well to every audience, regardless of the language and cultural differences.

Nechepa has performed in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Australia. On a subsequent world tour, he used his talents to obtain more than 200 tons of humanitarian aid for the Chernobyl victims.

Nechepa says his greatest desire is to share not only his vocal and instrumental talent, but also the history and culture of Ukraine. He opens his program with a prayer/song for peace and understanding between the different cultures of the world. Sponsors say Ukraine could appropriately call him its Cultural Ambassador.

The performance is sponsored by the ECU Cultural Activities Committee.

For more information contact Dr. Mara Sukholutskaya at (580) 310-5293.