ADA — “A Beautiful Day (for the Lord’s Work),” a short filmed on location entirely in Dale, Okla, will make its local debut at the second annual Southern Winds Film Festival today at 9 p.m. in downtown Shawnee. The controversial film was expelled from a previous Oklahoma festival after the filmmakers received death threats from local residents who mistook the film’s viral marketing campaign as a terrorist threat. The short film’s award-winning cast and crew reside primarily in the Shawnee area and hope to gain support from a home-town audience.

“A Beautiful Day” is an experimental religio-horror short flick with uncanny dialogue and an unusual style that perfectly enhances the weirdness of the script. The film centers on three “travelers” who emerge from the wilderness to bring judgment to an idyllic Oklahoma community.

The nightmarish mood of the project is enhanced by its old film-style appearance. The tone of the film shifts from aged to new, from ancient evil to current fears.

Outsiders Productions offers up a visually arresting short that is at once gorgeous, repulsive, kinetic, and downright creepy. With terrific performances, haunting imagery — both visual and throughout the conversations of the mysterious three — as well as a uniquely effective editing style, “A Beautiful Day” is an unforgettable, disturbing descent into madness, judgment, and the unforgiving hand of a brutal crusade.

Adam Hampton, the film’s director, has written three and directed four films under the Outsiders name. One of Outsiders’ projects, the comedic “Bowlin’ Alley,” played at last year’s Southern Winds Film Festival.

“It’s always great to show our films to our home town,” said Hampton. “There were several people from Shawnee that were involved in the shooting on this project and who support our endeavors on a larger scale, so this is a chance for them to experience our work and enjoy the product. Last year’s festival was a great experience. I speak for Outsiders in saying that we were very excited to be asked to showcase ‘A Beautiful Day’ in Shawnee. I can’t wait.”

The film will be shown today, at 9 p.m. in the Outdoor Venue for the festival located on the corner of Main and Broadway in Downtown Shawnee.

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