Teacher appreciation: Shawn Freeman

Shawn Freeman 

Shawn Freeman has been teaching chemistry and advising Student Council at Ada High School for 15 years. Her impact on her students, and on Ada, is widely felt.

Freeman’s daughter, Morganne, and former students Taryn Jack and Blakeley Franz nominated Freeman for this spotlight.

“Shawn Freeman has done so much for Ada schools and the community. Not only is she an excellent teacher she’s an amazing mentor to her student council kids, who she pushes to be the best they can be,” Morganne Freeman wrote of her mother. “From planning and hosting student council state last fall to raising money for AHS RUSH week the last several years, which has gone back into our community to help those who really need it. She has helped so many students have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

The view many of Freeman’s former students hold of her as a teacher, and a mentor, fits closely with what Freeman said drove her to become an educator. 

“I decided to become a teacher because I just knew it was where I was supposed to be, to be able to serve kids, and help push them to the next level,” Freeman said.

Freeman said she loves it when the kids “get it.”

“My favorite thing about teaching is when the light bulb goes on with the kid, and they get it,” Freeman said. “Whether it’s in the chemistry classroom or it’s a leadership component that Student Council’s been doing.”

Freeman said that technology is her biggest challenge in teaching.

“Being able to compete with what the kids can get from their digital devices,” is her biggest challenge, “whether it be the phone or the computer.”

Freeman said she remains passionate about teaching.

“I have a passion to give students the ability to be successful when they leave this building, whether it be at a college, in a career or whatever it is — that they have the confidence and the skills to be a successful individual within our community,” she said.

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