Dicus Supermarket, which has had as many as six locations in Ada, and has been a presence in the local economy for more than 80 years, is closing its door for good.

“What I mostly want to do is thank all our customers,” Jim Dicus, long-time owner of the business, said Wednesday. “There are a lot of them who are very loyal, and have been with us for years and years.”

The current and final Dicus location is at 220 E 13th Street. The location was previously branded as Apple Market, Homeland and Safeway.

Jim’s father, Frank Eugene Dicus, was in the grocery business where he owned and operated Dicus Supermarket starting in 1940 and retired in the early 70s, according to the store’s website. Frank was a member of the Ada Retail Grocers Association, serving as president in the 1950’s, was a charter member of the Science and National Resources Board and served on the Affiliated Foods Board of Directors and the Oklahoma Retail Grocer’s Association’s board of directors. 

Frank owned and operated Dicus Cycle and Marine in the early 1970’s. He was a former president of the Ada Lions Club and served as president of the Ada Chamber of Commerce in 1961. He was a member of the First Baptist Church.

“Ann (Dicus’ wife) and I would also like to thank our employees,” Dicus added. “They’ve been just super-great, working through all the things they’ve been asked to do. We’ve got several of those who have been with us for many years; from 10 years to 40 years.”

Dicus did not give a specific reason for closing the store, but did add that there were a “variety of reasons,” one of which was that he just turned 80 years old this month.

“We’re 20% off right now all our merchandise,” Dicus added. He said he didn’t have a timetable for closure, but the store would stay open “until we delete the inventory.”

Dicus said the building will be for sale.

“Ada has been good for us,” Dicus said. “We appreciate all they’ve done for us. We’ve had a good run.”

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