Clean-up continues after gasoline leak

Randy Mitchell / The Ada NewsAbsorbent booms lie across a creek just east of the Wintersmith Aquatics Center Wednesday after several gallons of gasoline leaked from a container at a residence on East 16th Street.

Gasoline which leaked from a resident’s container Monday caused a quite a stir overnight Monday into Tuesday for emergency personnel.

The leak also caused the city to ban fishing temporarily at Wintersmith Park.

The incident began at 10:49 p.m. Monday, when Ada firefighters were called to the 1700 block of Winged Foot Street for a possible natural gas leak. Firefighters arrived and realized the strong odor was that of gasoline.

Firefighters searched the area and found a glossy sheen on the water and dead fish floating in a creek just east of the Wintersmith Aquatics Center.

Firefighters began hazmat cleanup by placing booms across the waterways leading into the lake to absorb the gasoline.

Firefighters traced the gas spill to a one-ton truck in the 1900 block of East 16th Street, according to the Ada Fire Department.

Firefighters discovered a tote on the back of the truck which had a hole in it.

Police were called, and, after waking the resident, discovered the tote had had about eight gallons of gasoline in it.

“(The resident) confessed that the tote fell off the pickup at about 8:30 p.m.,” AFD Chief Rob Johnson said in a report.

Firefighters noted that the tote was almost completely empty.

City of Ada Public Information Director Lisa Bratcher said the Department of Environmental Quality collected water samples Tuesday for testing.

No-fishing signs were placed all around the park as a precaution, but city officials said there is no definitive evidence that the gasoline reached the lake.

“This in no way affects the drinking water in Ada,” Bratcher said. “As soon as the clean-up process is completed, the no fishing signs will be removed.”

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