Byng student arrested for selling THC edibles at school

Damien Vaughn Moore

An Ada man has been charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled or dangerous substance after authorities say he sold a THC edible to a Byng High School student Thursday.

Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office records indicate deputies were called to Byng High School around 11 a.m. Thursday after the school principal and an assistant principal allegedly discovered Damien Moore, 18, of Ada, had sold a “sucker” containing THC — the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects — to another student.

Records indicate a student told an assistant principal they witnessed Moore give the “sucker” to another student. When approached by school administrators, the student who reportedly received the “sucker” told school officials they purchased the “sucker” from Moore for $15 because they “wanted to see what it would do.”

Deputies report Moore denied selling the “sucker” to the student, claiming instead that he had given the student the “sucker” because “he was an advocate for cannabis and had given the sucker to (the student) to help (them) out because he knew (they were) hurting and he wanted to help.”

The student who purchased the “sucker” was released to their parents and ordered to report to the Juvenile Service Unit Friday morning.

Moore was arrested at the school. Deputies report Moore told them he was “a hippie trying to spread the love” as they drove him to the Pontotoc County Justice Center, asked them if they were going to take his fingerprints and picture, then asked where he could get a copy of his mugshot because he wanted to use it as his Facebook profile photo.

Deputies report that when they returned to the school to retrieve a statement and a copy of a school surveillance video showing the transaction between Moore and the minor student, they were informed by school officials that Moore’s mother had come to the school and indicated she was “upset with law enforcement and the school for (deputies) talking with her (adult) child without her present. “Records indicate Moore’s mother reportedly told school officials she was a “distributor,” that the suckers were hers and that Moore had taken them without her permission.

Deputies report Moore’s mother reportedly told school officials that she “had fought for medical marijuana for years and that she presses her own suckers,” which she reportedly said, “only contain 5% THC.”

Moore was released on a $1,000 bond and ordered to reappear in Pontotoc County District Court at 1:30 p.m. April 26.

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