BYNG — A pregnant woman was reportedly assaulted by the father of her children Sunday evening in the 500 block of North New Bethel in Byng.

Nova Currier, 22, was taken to Valley View Regional Hospital and treated for cuts and bruises reportedly inflicted on her by Christopher Allen Born, 26.

The incident allegedly happened after Currier complained Born did not spend enough time with his children and she planned to move after the first of the year.

Currier told Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Sites that Born began choking her and dragged her across the floor by her hair. She said he kicked her and pushed her into the screen door which caused cuts on her hands.

A visitor, Matt Choate, said he witnessed Currier and Born engaged in an argument and “tried to stay out of their business” until he saw Born grabbing Currier by the hair, dragging her and kicking her to the door. Born then allegedly struck Choate and the two fought in front of the children inside the house when he tried to stop Born from assaulting Currier.

Choate said he told Born not to do this in front of the children and walked outside. The fighting started again, Choate said, because Currier attempted to leave with her son.

Currier ran to a house next door, asking Mistie Johnson, her cousin, to call 911. Johnson said Currier’s hand was bleeding and just a few minutes before she had heard glass shattering. Currier said Born went after her and, in an attempt to hit her, hit the child instead and then took him from her. Currier then attempted to get the child back, but Born passed him off to another person at the scene, she said. With the child out of the way, Born then allegedly chased Currier and punched her in the back of the head with a closed fist, knocking her out for about a minute.

Johnson told Deputy Sites she witnessed the altercation between Born and Currier and saw him punch her in the neck. Johnson said she tried to help Currier when she fell to the ground, but Currier was unresponsive for a while. When Choate tried to assist Johnson, he was struck twice by Born with a fist, according to Johnson.

Deputies took photographs of the broken front door, blood and a broken window of the front door. Deputy Sites reported Born called him while he was at the hospital with Currier and agreed to meet at the house in Byng. Born told Sites he was defending himself, that Currier struck him with an unknown object, attacking him in his own house. Born was arrested on a charge for the suspicion of violating the domestic abuse act in the presence of a child.

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