Byng foundation awards teacher grants

Byng Excellence in Education Foundation (B.E.E.F.) members award balloons and and a grant certificate to grant winners. From the left, Karen Howry, Brandon Tilley, Kellye Griffin (grant winner at Byng High School), Sandra Looper, Raeanne Carson and Jenny Cooper.

The Byng Excellence in Education Foundation (B.E.E.F.) recently awarded grants totaling over $8,000 to 11 teachers of the Byng school district for the 2019-2020 school year. All three school sites of Byng were recognized.

The teachers and their grants to assist students to achieve their academic goals are as follows:

• Shelley Howell, “Science and STEM for Special Ed.” Since science in the classroom is one of the main core subjects, this grant will allow for the purchase of various science kits to provide hands-on learning for success in science.  These products include a human body model, kidneys and blood filtration kit, blood typing kit, robotics kits, dissection kits and chemistry kits. 

• Kellye Griffin, “Powering the Arts.” This grant combines the use of power tools with the art of creating scenery for the theater. Using safety strategies, students will develop both skill and creativity as well as provide needed scenery and backdrops for upcoming performances. 

• Heather Messinger, “Tech My Lab.” With the purchase of four Chromebooks for students, the class can use the Chromebooks for their I-READY assessments required for annual goals, along with monitoring academic progress. The students can also use them for developing research projects to be completed in the classroom. 

• Rachel Barnes, “Flip for Independent Learning.” The funding for this project will be used to purchase a small group set of differentiated VersaTiles Literacy and a small group set of differentiated VersaTiles Math. Each kit contains materials that allow for four students to work together at one time on all major math and literacy concepts. 

* Laura Smith, “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Music.” The grant will provide for patriotic compositions for all the bands representing Byng Public Schools: Beginning Band, Junior High Band, High School Concert Band, High School Marching Band and Jazz Band.  Students will study periods of history and use selections from both modern and original music arrangements to be used in a variety of performances, such as concerts, contests, parades and patriotic ceremonies.

• Kristi Stanberry, “Playing to Learn.” Appropriate social-emotional behavior and sensory regulation are essential for the success of students in their classrooms and their daily lives. Supplies will be purchased to meet specific, current needs of students based on the beginning-of-the-year assessments These would include a wide variety of manipulatives to provide play-based social-emotional learning and address sensory needs of students. Ultimately, the teacher will be more successful in addressing students’ needs.

• Mia Holcomb, Lauren Carpenter, Lee Miller and Savannah Daniel, “Lively Letters.” Their funding will be to purchase Lively Letters, a research-based, multi-sensory reading program. The program uses mouth and hand cues, visuals, music and pneumonic stories to enable students to learn letter sounds while developing speech production. The program turns basic, abstract letters and sounds into lively characters. The program includes techniques for incorporating sound blending, segmenting and sound manipulation while simultaneously training the reading and spelling of words. 

• Amber Fowler, “STEM Rotation Stations.” This STEM-based project uses creativity and collaboration to teach science and math through hands-on learning experiences. The funds will be used for obtaining and utilizing 15 STEM projects. 

• Brenda Roberts, Lisa Lawson, Holly Fuller and Tara Humphers, “What’s Happening.” To help students be aware of and understand the world around them, the fourth-grade teachers will purchase current educational and nonfiction magazines to supplement the curriculum. 

• Truly Nipps and Lora Williamson, “Bodies Ready; Brains Activated.” This innovative project  will give students precise, detailed activities to integrate and utilize ready bodies and learning minds within the educational setting. The funding will provide items necessary to help students with their visual, sensory and motor skills through the engagement of body and brain to increase learning. 

• Angela Streater, Laura Brown, Angela Campirano, Linda Lancaster, Miya Miller, Carla Husband, Leahna West, Teighlor Fortner and Myra Ragsdale, “SC4P3 from the NoRM.” This grant for BJH will be used to purchase six Breakout EDU Kits and eight online Digital Platform Access Codes for 12 months of full access to the 900-plus games on the Breakout EDU Platform. This will allow for two Breakout EDU Kits that can be used in different classes per grade level. Each teacher will use these Breakout EDU Kits and Platform Access Codes to engage students in their content areas by requiring them to use critical thinking skills, collaboration, creativity and communication skills. The teachers will collaborate to maximize students’ learning and interaction. 

 For being Byng’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year, Christi Blackburn was awarded a special $1,000 grant.

During each school year, B.E.E.F. works with the school, community and alumni to raise money for teacher grants and student scholarships. The foundation posts events of interest on the Byng School website, Facebook and Twitter.

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