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Ada police officers prepare to search a wooded area north of Arlington and west of Monte Vista Tuesday, March 30, 2010, after a body was discovered there. (Photo by Richard R. Barron)

By Randy Mitchell

City Editor

ADA — Police believe they have the identity and manner of death of a body found in Ada Monday.

Ada Police Captain Tommy Cosper said it is that of Rowdy Radford, 38, Ada.

Police suspected it was Radford but wanted to search for evidence and confirm more details before revealing their suspicions. Radford was reported missing by a family member on Jan. 14, 2010.

“The family told us about some tattoos and we found (them on the body),” Cosper said Wednesday. “He’d been there about the right length of time.”

Police do not believe foul play was involved and suspect Radford froze to death.

“The medical examiner didn’t find any (evidence of) trauma or anything of that nature,” Cosper said.

According to a police report, Radford was driven by a family member to Valley View Regional Hospital Jan. 13 to be “mentally evaluated.”

Upon arriving at VVRH, Radford left the area running and family members hadn’t heard from him since. A family member told police he was supposed to be on medication and was last seen wearing overalls, a dark T-shirt, brown camo hat and work boots.

Police found those clothes — during a search of the area Tuesday — 300 yards upstream from where Radford was found.

Police said temperatures were below freezing on the day he disappeared and theorize he was suffering from hypothermia when he shed his clothing.

“We don’t know if it happened in this case but in some cases people going through hypothermia will feel like they're on fire, and end up taking off their clothes,” Cosper said.

The death was previously listed as suspicious as per standard police procedure. All unexplained deaths are treated as suspicious and investigated as homicide until proven otherwise, Cosper said.