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Ada resident Blaine Saunders will be reprising her role in the ABC sitcom “The Middle” as star Patricia Heaton’s daughter’s best friend.

Blaine’s mother, Fonda Saunders, said Blaine is now considered a guest star on the show and will be appearing more often.

“They bumped her up to a guest star and she filmed the first episode, called ‘The Diaper Incident,’” Fonda said.  “It aired Wednesday Oct. 6 on ABC.”

She said Blaine’s “guest star” status doesn’t include a set amount of appearances on the show but Blaine should be appearing in at least two more episodes.

“So far, they have her on hold for at least two more episodes,” Fonda said.  “She plays the best friend of the character Sue on the show.  Her character is named Carly.”

Blaine has previously appeared in several television, commercial and film spots, including, “Days of Our Lives,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Medium,” and co-starred in the ABC pilot, “A House Divided.”