Vanoss High School senior Logan Morris, 18, has become a bladesmith. 

Morris started a business, The Angry Anvil Forge. He made and donated two knives which he donated to National Honor Society to be raffled off, with a goal of raising $1000, but raised more than $1800 so far.

"Last year around this time, when COVID hit, we all went home, and we were told it was a possible quarantine of about a month," Morris says about how he got started making knives. "It ended up being close to half a year. Well, you can imagine how bored somebody can get sitting at home for half a year. After just a couple of weeks, I grew a little bit of cabin fever, so I started my own business of forging out hand-made custom-made knives. A customer can come by and give me a rough idea what they want, then I will try to fabricate it."

Morris is also a member of the National Honor Society.

"We are require to have at least 30 hours of volunteer service in NHS," Morris said, "and I figured the best way to do that would be to help my community, my chapter, and myself all at the same time."

Morris spent 35 hours creating two knives and a sheath, forging the knives from bar stock, a slab of high-carbon steel in bar form.

"One of the knives is made out of ADCRV, which is a high-chrome vanadium alloy steel," Morris said. "The other is actually made from a railroad spike sourced from the ground here in Oklahoma.

"There are a few tests that we can run on the steel, to make sure that they are high-carbon and will hold an edge," Morris added. "All of my materials I make sure are worthy to be a hand-made custom knife."

Tickets for the raffle were sold at Vanoss home basketball games all season.

"Our NHS members went above and beyond to sell tickets outside of the basketball games," Morris said, "to family friends, neighbors. We actually raised more than $1800. The money raised will go to a close, nearby community where there is a family in need, as well as a family in need here in Vanoss."

Morris says one of his goals was to show young high school students how to act, how to be an example in society, and how to further the community through leadership, teamwork, and all-around kindness.

Morris has made 13 other knives as part of his business. He says he guarantees his work.

"If anything happens and I mess up a knife, I pay for it," Morris added.

"I built my own forge out of a small propane tank," Morris said.

Knife raffle winners were Ashley Dansby and Eddie Crawford.

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