The sixth annual Battle of the Kevins thrilled fireworks fans in the Lake Hills neighborhood of Byng Saturday.

Crowds lined the rim of the lake to watch Kevin Holland on the west side and Kevin Truett on the east side. The Kevins put their love of fireworks on full display in a friendly competition to see who could wow the crowd the most.

“I think this was our best display so far,” Kevin Truett said. “With all that is going on so far in 2020, I think we all needed a day to just get back to normal and relax and have fun for one day.”

Holland echoed Truett’s sentiments.

“The mix between what Kevin Truett brings and the things that we do just go together and make a great family show,” Kevin Holland said. “I thought it went pretty well.”

Both Kevins expressed appreciation for the support of their friends, and the community itself.

“I want to thank all family, friends, neighbors and (the people of this) community that either helped or supported us today.” Truett said of the event. “Thank you Kevin Holland for your help and love of fireworks that is as passionate as mine. I dedicate this show to all of the first responders as well as military men and women past and present. God bless America.”

Holland may have been competing with Truett for votes during the show, but when it comes to sportsmanship and commitment to their cause, the Kevins are are in lock-step with one another.

“We’d like to thank the visitors to our neighborhood for not leaving trash and cleaning up afterwards.” Holland said. “Working with some new technology presented its own set of problems but, overall, everything went pretty well.”

Fireworks fans were allowed to vote at, and the 2020 prize went to Kevin Truett, 91-67.

Richard R. Barron | The Ada News

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