Ask a game warden

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Game Warden Ty Runyan stops outside the Pontotoc County Courthouse Tuesday. Send your questions for Runyun to, and we’ll try to get an answer for you.

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Game Warden Ty Runyun frequently fields a number of common questions. Today, he’s answering two of the most common questions he hears about hunting feral swine.

Is a license or permit required to hunt feral swine, also known as wild hogs?

A hunting license is not required. However, if you’re going to hunt feral swine during any big game season — deer, elk, muzzleloader or rifle season — or if you’re carrying a shotgun with a rifled slug or any rifle or handgun larger than .22 caliber, you must have a filled or unfilled license for that season.

Can I hunt feral swine at night?

A landowner or their written designee must obtain a hog night-shooting exemption.

It’s a free exemption you can obtain by downloading the ODWC Hog app from your app store, or by going to the ODWC website.

Outside of the 16-day deer gun season, and in areas where firearms seasons are not in effect, a landowner or their written designee may allow anyone to shoot hogs under their night-shooting exemption.

All hunters must carry a copy of their written landowner’s permission, and at least one hunter must have a written or electronic copy of the night-shooting exemption. Hunters are encouraged to provide advance notice to their local game warden, but notice is not required.

During the 16-day deer gun season, only a landowner or their written designee may night-shoot on the property listed on their exemption, and they are required to give advanced notice to the local game warden. Immediate family members of the exemption holder may assist. 

There are no firearm restrictions on shooting hogs. Hunters may use motor conveyance to pursue hogs. Night Vision, thermal imaging and spotlights are allowed. Hunters night-shooting hogs may not shoot from, to, on or across any public roadway. Hunters may not take, attempt to take or be in possession of any game species while night-hunting hogs.