Latta HCE

LATTA — Kathryn Floyd gave the May lesson for Latta Home and Community Education on Oklahoma Farmers Market.

She told of the many products that can be purchased, especially fresh produce. She also explained the rules and regulations set by the state and county in which the produce is grown.

The group met at J.D.’s Cafeteria in Ada with Kathryn Floyd, president, presiding. The pledge to the flag was said in unison and Oklahoma Home and Community Education creed was led by Jodie George. The blessing was given by Kathryn Floyd. Roll call was answered with a response to “What do you buy at the farmer’s market or do you buy?”

Minutes of the previous meeting and quilt show were discussed. Floyd had helped register guests at the quilt show and furnished brownies for the concession stand.

A report on the Southeast District meeting was given by Floyd. She told of the different workshops she attended and gave a report on the business session.

Attending were Kathryn Floyd, Sara Pritchett, Jan Manuel, Jodie George and Sylvia Brantley.


LATTA — Barbecue and grilling were the program for Latta HCE’s June meeting at J.D.’s Cafeteria. Kathryn Floyd, president, chaired the meeting and gave the program.

She said the main factor in using a grill is safety. The fire should not be extremely hot to do the best job. Floyd said the secret is in how you marinate the meat and vegetables. She also said to cook the food at a slower pace for the best results.

The flag salute was led by Floyd and the OHCE Creed was repeated in unison. The devotional and blessing were given by Floyd. Members answered roll call by naming something they like to grill.

Minutes of the last meeting and treasurer’s report were given and approved. Members discussed the state HCE meeting and who was planning to attend. Floyd planned to attend July 8 and represent Pontotoc County.

Attending were Sara Pritchett, Kathryn Floyd and Jan Manuel.


LATTA — Latta Home and Community Education group met at J.D.’s Cafeteria for its July meeting. Kathryn Floyd, president, presided.

The flag salute was led by Jodie George, OHCE pledge was read by Floyd and George said the blessing.

Minutes of the previous meeting were discussed and treasurer’s report given.

Floyd gave highlights from the state meeting. She told of the workshop on landscaping and twilling. There were 475 people that attended. Several OHCE members plan to attend the Country Women of the World meeting Sept. 26 in Springfield, Ill. Floyd plans to attend this event.

Members voted to use club funds to purchase paper goods for the Family Crisis Center. Next meeting is Aug. 14 at J.D.’s Cafeteria.

Attending were Jodie George, Jan Manuel, Sara Pritchett and Kathryn Floyd.

Chickasaw AARP

ADA — Chickasaw AARP 4113 met July 19 at the senior site on Chamber Loop. President Jeannie Coplin led the meeting.

Bernice Patrick gave the secretary and treasurer’s reports.

George Jessie, assistant chief of Lighthorse Police, gave the program. He said Lighthorse has officers in Texoma, Norman and other towns in the Chickasaw Nation. It has 14 officers investigating drugs and a dog to look for bombs, shell and bullets at schools and casinos.

Lighthorse has a 24-hour dispatch service. All officers were in other law enforcement before coming to Lighthorse.

He said meth is one of the worst drugs used today. It may only take one use for a person to become addicted. Lighthorse takes its message of the evils of drug use to area schools.

There were 24 attending the meeting.

Next meeting is Aug. 16.

Preceptor Delta

ADA — Preceptor Delta Phi hosted its last get-together for 2006-2007 year by celebrating at Mazzio’s Pizza July 17.

Nina Davis was hostess for the event.

The new club year will begin with a luncheon Aug. 28 at Ada Elks Lodge. This will be the club’s official beginning day event. Members will be notified as to the time.

Attending were Bobbye Darbison, Marlene Green, Sheila Harris, Juanita True, Juanita Sutton, Annette Rhoads, Lucille Collins, June Cope, Carol Winton, Nina Davis and her great-granddaughter, Megan Stacey.

Those unable to attend were Betty Rennke, Sally spence and Jean Erickson.

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