Allen police chief arrested

Kacey Shaver

Allen Police Chief Kacey Shaver -- who reportedly began his employment at APD Sept. 9 -- was arrested Thursday by Pontotoc County Sheriff’s deputies on an out-of-town warrant.

Shaver, 32, is accused of unlawfully using a Taser on someone when he worked for a different agency.

According to court records, Shaver was charged Sept. 16 in Tillman County with "assault and battery with a dangerous/deadly weapon."

Sheriff John Christian said Shaver's bond amount was $500,000 at the time of his arrest.

"He was not booked into our jail, but was immediately transported to Tillman County," Christian said. He is accused of tazing an inmate in the Tillman County Jail when he worked there."

According to an affidavit filed in Tillman County -- located in the southwestern portion of the state -- Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Joe Kimmon was assigned to investigate "an allegation of official misconduct."

"Tillman County Sheriff's Office Deputy Kasey Shaver was accused of unlawfully using his Taser on Taran Finley, who was in the custody of the Tillman County Jail," Kimmon said in the affidavit. "The allegation was brought to the attention of Tillman County Sheriff William Ingram, who notified Tillman County Assistant District Attorney Deanna Hansell. During the course of the investigation, your affiant obtained a copy of the TCJ surveillance video with audio from inside the book-in room where the ... incident took place."

Kimmon said Finley was arrested by Frederick police July 25 on suspicion of indecent exposure, and taken to the Tillman County Jail.

"Shortly after, TCJ staff requested the assistance of Shaver, due to Finley not complying with the jail staff," Kimmon said. "With the assistance of a male jailer, Shaver attempted to place Finley into a cell. Finley resisted and was forced to the ground by Shaver. Shaver lay on top of Finley on the ground as she was lying face down."

Kimmon said Shaver then let Finley go, and retrieved his Taser that was located on his duty belt.

"Finley stood up and began to walk away when Shaver also stood up and tazed Finley in the back,"Kimmon said. "Finley dropped face forward on the ground and was brought into compliance. Finley was not posing a threat to Shaver or any of the jail staff. At no time did Shaver give verbal commands or approach Finley to bring her into compliance."

Kimmon said after being read his Miranda Rights, Shaver was interviewed, and, reportedly admitted that he should have utilized other means of compliance before he tazed Finley.

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