Janice Rose loves the idea of working every day in a 90-year-old barber shop.

The Aldridge Hotel, at Broadway and 12th Street in Ada, opened in 1927 and included a barber shop. Rose recently moved into that original barbershop, where she cuts hair and enjoys the ambiance of history.

Rose originally moved into the space in 1996 but moved to the room just south of the original facility in 1997 as a practicing beautician. For 10 years, the original barbershop was occupied by barber apprentice John Turner.

The two were separated by law. Beauticians and barbers could not lawfully occupy the same dwelling and were required to be separated by walls and doors until the law changed in 2015, setting the stage for Rose’s move back to the historic location at the end of 2017.

“I’m not in this for accolades,” Rose said. “I just love the idea of working every day in a 90-year-old place.”

The Aldridge Barber Shop was renovated in 1968 with the sinks and cabinets it has today, which Rose takes care to preserve. Rose collects vintage barber items like straight razors, scissors, and shaving brushes as well as a fair number of vintage hats.