Ada – Local elementary teachers and their classroom students, in the Ada area, are volunteering to join a support group called “Adopt a Soldier” led by local high school teacher Dana Jordan.

Dana Jordan, teacher at Ada High School, is a mother of one of the soldiers in “Operation Enduring Freedom” being deployed to Afghanistan this week. The concept of the support group is that elementary classes will “adopt” a soldier and give him and his family support while he is serving overseas, beginning with the next school year in August 2006, carrying thru to the end of the school year in May 2007. Each of the 131 soldiers of the local Company “C” unit, nicknamed “Charging Charlie” have been invited to participate, and approximately 120 have accepted. Soldiers in the unit, based in Ada, may reside in cities in Oklahoma other than Ada.

Each class agrees to correspond with their adopted soldier, with letters, emails and once a month a package will be sent to him which may include, along with the letters, articles they wish to donate. Classes will have the names of the soldier’s family members and their birth dates. Cards designed by the students for those occasions and at holidays such as Christmas, can be sent to them to show that they support the families while their relative is away serving his country.

To provide money for the cards and letter expenses, a special T-shirt with the “Charging Charlie” and thunderbird logo on the back, and the 1st Battalion 180th Infantry, Oklahoma Army National Guard logo on the front, is offered for sale to the public by the support group. Anyone wishing to purchase the T-shirt should contact Dana Jordan, (580) 332-4689 or (580) 310-7220. Donations are also accepted.