This exhibit is an artistic response to the production of “Cinderella.” 

The narrative is built behind the identity of a shoe. As visual artists, we respond and create objects or images to tell stories on their own, in this case a shoe.

The Ada High art department worked with Hayes, Washington and Willard grade centers, and ceramic students helped teach in various classes. Each student was provided clay, paint and instruction.

Students were asked to make a shoe for a character from the play. A mouse, cat or a horse — there was no limit made on the choice of character. Students hand-built shoes, and the works were then bisque fired at the high school. Works were returned and painted with tempera paint and adorned with various media. 

These small shoe sculptures say so much. Each shoe has a different identity; it tells where you have been, the things you have walked through, in what direction you are going and so much more. 

If the shoe fits, wear it!

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