Ada resident and former Chicago Bear arrested on human trafficking complaint

Qumain Dawoin BlackĀ 

Ada resident and former Chicago Bear football player Qumain Dawoin Black was arrested recently on suspicion of human trafficking.

Black, 28, was arrested Feb. 18 by Ada police on a federal warrant out of the United States District Court Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division.

According to a federal criminal complaint document written by Sgt. Thomas Hruskocy, with the Texas Attorney General's Office - Human Trafficking Unit in Austin, Texas, Black was arrested after an investigation by several agencies.

Hruskocy said the investigation of Black, along with two other defendants whose names were redacted from the criminal complaint, began July 1 and lasted until November.

Hruskocy alleges Black, "along with others known and unknown, recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained or maintained several young women for the purpose of commercial sex."

And, that Black and the other two defendants, "along with others known and unknown, through the use of physical force, fraud and coercion, facilitated, obtained or assisted in the facilitation of commercial sex acts performed by three adult females ..." who Hruskocy referred to as victims 1, 2 and 3.

Hruskocy said the defendants used the three adult females to engage in commercial sex acts, operating out of hotel rooms, mostly in the Dallas, Texas, area, but also in Oklahoma City.

The adult victims allege Black and the other two defendants acted as pimps, arranging for the women to exchange sex for money, and posted advertisements online at sites such as

Federal authorities were alerted to the crimes by Ada Police Detective Joe Machetta, according to Hruskocy.

Machetta was notified by the mother of one of the victims who lives in Ada.

One victim told Hruskocy, that while at a house party, she was given a drink by Black. After consuming the drink, she passed out and woke up in Dallas.

"(Victim 2) ... stated that Black told her he was a pimp and arranged (for her) to have sex with an unidentified male," Hruskocy said. "(Victim 2) stated she engaged in sexual intercourse with the male, but could not provide a description of him because she was under the influence of drugs and could not remember."

The woman told Hruskocy she went to Dallas several times with Black and engaged in commercial sex acts at several hotels in the Dallas metroplex area, Hruskocy said.

She told Hruskocy that on one occasion, she was threatened by Black when she refused to have sex with someone.

"(The victim) stated she had previously observed Black beat (one of the other adult victims) and was afraid he would beat her as well," Hruskocy said.

Another victim said Black set the prices for the commercial sex acts.

"(Victim 1) stated the prices started at $200-$300 when she first started meeting customers on, because they would only talk and spend time with the client," Hruskocy said. "(She said) that once she and (victim 2) began engaging in commercial sex acts, Black set the prices at $200-$300 for a 'quick visit,' $400 for a half an hour, and $500 for an hour."

The woman claimed Black was frequently violent with her and another victim as a means of control, or if they angered him in any way, according to Hruskocy.

Black appeared before a federal judge in the Eastern District of Oklahoma Wednesday, and was ordered to be transferred to North Texas, vie the U.S. Marshal Service. It was also ordered that Black be appointed a federal public defender (court-appointed counsel) to represent him.

Black was an Ada High School football standout. He went on to attend East Central University, then was a member of the Chicago Bears in 2015.

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