Hillary Clinton is our choice for president.

This very simple statement successfully summarizes, in just a few words, the position of The Ada News as we approach Nov. 8’s historic election. We consider this presidential election perhaps the most important presidential election in American history, given what’s at stake, and after reviewing the policy positions of both candidates, we believe Clinton is the obvious choice for our vote.


Simply put, Clinton is the one candidate who presents the opportunity for steady, reliable leadership abroad and here at home. Trump’s policies, meanwhile, represent a dark, dangerous direction for the nation if implemented. As America struggles with political and racial division, the president of this country needs to have a calm, reasoned approach and be a unifier — not a divider. Trump’s comments and positions on immigration are inflammatory and insulting to a huge swath of Americans. His derogatory comments about women are beyond troublesome. The list of his startling and frightful statements — and policy positions — overwhelmingly shows he is not qualified for the office.

Clinton certainly has her flaws as well, and we recognize as much. The email scandal that has bogged down her candidacy is legitimate. The donations accepted by the Clinton Foundation from individuals who also met with Clinton in her role at the State Department are distressing. But, even with these troublesome facts in mind, we consider her the best candidate in this presidential race.

Clinton clearly is the one candidate with the acumen to address issues of national security. She is the best prepared to deal with foreign leaders and eliminate terrorists like ISIS. She can be firm when necessary, but she understands diplomacy is the real mechanism to facilitate true change on a global scale.

She was First Lady for eight years. She was a U.S. Senator for eight more years and Secretary of State for four years. That experience in the federal government is significant.

Trump, meanwhile, has no such background. He is a man who can’t even control his temper or his social media tweets, sending out insulting missives in the middle of the night time and time again.

That is not the type of temperament America can have in the Oval Office.

We also believe Clinton is the most equipped to handle issues of economy. She has presented an achievable strategy that includes reforming the tax code to close loopholes for the rich and big corporations, reducing health care and drug costs, raising the minimum wage, investing in roads and bridges, lowering college costs and student debt, and strengthening oversight of big banks.

For all of these reasons, the The Ada News endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

We believe she is the best and only choice for president. 

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